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Unified National Test


Unified National Test (UNT)

UNT combines the final certification of graduates of institutions of secondary education and entrance examinations to higher professional education.

UNT is carried out for:

- Graduates who wish for the current school year to enter higher education of Kazakhstan;

- Applicants for the General Certificate of Secondary Education "Altyn Belgi" General Certificate of Secondary Education with honors;

- Winners of national science competitions and school contests in general subjects of this year.

Dates for receipt of applications to participate in the UNT from March 10 to April 25. The completed application form is made in the organization of graduates of secondary education in which they are trained.

In the NTC developed technology, instruction and software for UNT. For the organization and the UNT at each point of the test, the State Commission. Monitoring of compliance with the technology of the team by representatives of the Ministry of UNT.

UNT is conducted in 5 subjects, including compulsory: Kazakh or Russian languages ​​(the language of instruction), mathematics, history of Kazakhstan, the Kazakh language for Russian schools (Russian language to Kazakh schools) and the subject of their choice. Net time UNT 3.5 hours (210 minutes). Retaking is not allowed.

UNT held in CP UNT from 1 to 15 June on the basis of 154 points of the UNT, 49 of them - on the basis of high schools and 105 school-based.

Testing is done with the help of tests that are being developed by the National Testing Centre on the basis of general education programs, their contents cannot go beyond these programs.
Information revealing the content of the tests and codes of correct answers to them are used in making the UNT are state secrets.
The number of test items for each subject - 25. The correct answer to each test task is assessed one point.

For the success of the UNT NTC opened in the regions of Kazakhstan points of testing. The object and purpose is CP UNT organizational and technical support to improve the quality of education in the continuing education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the introduction of a new model for the formation of the student contingent of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

One of the main methods to improve the level of training of graduates to UNT and their awareness of the technology of testing is to pilot test, which is conducted on the basis of CP UNT (branches of the National Testing Center). In many CP UNT trial testing conducted under conditions as close as possible to those that will be created during the UNT using classroom fund, involved in the UNT.

Participation in the trial testing is carried out at the request of the graduates on a voluntary basis. Trial testing allows everybody to assess their knowledge and readiness for the test.
Also preparing for the test can be carried out with the help of textbooks in all subjects tested, produced in the Kazakh and Russian languages.
All branches of the NTC provided books, questionnaires trial testing and teaching materials in all subjects tested.
According to the price list for additional services during the test control the level of knowledge in educational institutions the cost of a trial testing the individual school graduates and students - 255 tenge.