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Scientific and research activity


Research work of the department teachers, organizers and basic military training was organized and carried out in accordance with the requirements of normative legal acts regulating this sphere of activity, and was aimed at the implementation superiors installations and decisions of the Academic Council on the priority directions of its development and was built in accordance with the plan. The main objectives of the department are: to attract faculty and students to address the most pressing scientific, pedagogical and scientific-methodological problems within a single scientific problem of the University "Development of a continuous pedagogical education in the new socio-economic conditions in Kazakhstan", as well as the organization of international and republican interuniversity research activities and implementation of research results in the educational process.

The main forms of research are used in the department during this period were as follows:
1.Participation in the international, republican and university scientific conferences held in the Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University, other universities and organizations of Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan, near and far abroad.
2.Writing and preparation for publication of abstracts of speeches and presentations at scientific conferences, scientific articles in collections of scientific works, Bulletin of the Institute and periodicals, including included in the list of KKSON.
3.Preparations for the publication of educational and teaching aids for students.


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