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Establishing international cooperation with foreign universities

Name, title, position, academic degree and associate degree of a foreign university

Topic of cooperation

Holding the promotion

(place and time)


PhD, Associate Professor, Omer Halisdemir Ibrahim Yalcin University (Niide, Turkey).

on the topic "Management and organization»









Foreign universities and communications

Name, position, academic degree

Topic of international events

Holding the promotion

(place and time)


Candidate of Medical Sciences, Professor Taukeyuly S

On the topic "Security and countering terrorism" VI International Science Festival, Moscow State University of Economics, Moscow

Held on 17.02.2021 at 12: 00 hours according to the planned Zoom time

online Round Table.

Organized by Senior lecturer of the Department of Methods of teaching life safety, Potapov M. M. (moderator)