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1. General Provisions

1.1. These Regulations are developed in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "About Education", SES RK 5.03.007-2006 "The education system of Kazakhstan. Educational and professional programs. Basic provisions "SES RK 5.03.10-2006" The education system of Kazakhstan. Information resources and library fund ", " Rules of the organization and implementation of teaching work ", approved by order of the Minister of Education and Science of the" 29 "in November 2007 for the number 583, the Interstate standard of the SES 7.60-2003. "System of standards on information, librarianship and publishing. Editions. The main types. Terms and definitions ", enacted just as the state standard of RK 01.07.2005, SES RK 04/05/19 -2008". Higher Education. Undergraduate. Basic provisions "of the order of MES RK № 325 from 05.07.2008" On approval of the Rules on the organization of the training, examination and publication of textbooks, teaching materials and manuals, "the order of the MES RK №284 from 06.05.2005 " on approved recommendations on the development of teaching materials for educational organizations in Kazakhstan ".
1.2. This Regulation determines the procedure for assignment of textbooks title Educational and methodical union of specialties for the group "Education" REMC based on the KazNPU named after Abai (the EMU REMC).
1.3. Title of EMU REMC can be assigned textbook on basic cycle of disciplines, majors and elective ( WEP over the past 5 years) subjects. The manuscripts of books, art and popular science books, collections of tasks, workshops, collections of test guidelines / guidance, lectures, collections of charts and tables to consider the EMU will not be accepted.
1.4. Title of EMU REMC suggests that the textbook meets the requirements of state educational standards of higher professional education, model curricula, modern requirements to such literature and recommended for use in intercollegiate accordance with the wording of the neck.
1.5. Assigning Title of EMU REMC realized through the process of examination of textbooks, on the basis of which the EMU REMC decides whether to award or refusal of conferring the desired neck.
1.6. Title of EMU REMC assigned academic publications, has the following wording:
1.6.1. "Approved for publication by assigning title Educational and methodical association of specialties for the group" Education " REMC on the basis of the Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abai based solutions of EMU protocol № ___ of _____ " Title " Approved ..." is assigned to the literature in the first edition.
1.6.2. "Recommended for Assigned neck Educational and methodical association of specialties for the group" Education " REMC on the basis of the Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abai based solutions EMU minute № ___ of _____ ". " Title "Recommended ..." is assigned to the literature previously published, last tested in the learning process.
1.7. The text of the title is placed on the back of the title page of textbooks. Editorial neck can not be changed by the publisher or the author(s). In accordance with the guests on the back of the title page of textbooks indicated the reviewers who gave a positive opinion on the manuscript. Scientific editor indicated in the imprint name the book before the lead editor of the book.
1.8. The content of the manuscript should correspond to the volume of the discipline provided by the state educational standards of higher education.
1.9. The validity of the rights to publish textbooks after receiving neck EMU REMC - 1 year.
1.10. The manuscript submitted for assignment Title of EMU REMC must be at least eight (8) printed pages of textbooks and for six (6) printed pages for the manuals.
2. The procedure for submission materials to the EMU REMC
In consideration of EMU REMC submitted layout (manuscript) textbook / textbook and the following supporting documents:
- A cover letter on the letter head of the university, signed by the head of the university, which provides a summary of the scientific literature, its output (the title of the manuscript, name and patronymic of the author (s), number of the edition (the first edition of a re-release), the planned circulation and year issue volume in printed sheet with a prepared edition of the discipline (indicating specialty code in accordance with the State compulsory educational standards (SCES)), the type of the textbook (textbook, workbook) and a contingent of users. The last paragraph of the cover letter should contain the following appeal: "Please recommend the textbook (textbook) - author and title - to assign a vulture of the MES RK and EMA by industry group" Education " REMC higher and postgraduate education of the MES RK based on the KazNPU named after Abai (abbreviated - EMU REMC based on the  KazNPU named after Abai ) as the respective specialty "code - name of the specialty." Textbook (manual) has been evaluated and recommended by the Academic Council (organization, university).
- Original layout (unedited) manuscript or published literature.
- For authors working in the third-party organizations: the cover letter, review, extract the Academic Council of the university with a recommendation to the award of the neck and stamped;
- For authors working in the KazNPU named after Abai: reviews, faculty meeting statement, statement of the Academic Council of the Institute (faculty), an extract of the Academic Council of the university with a recommendation to the award of the neck and stamped;
- For a textbook, three positive reviews (see Annex 1) - 1 internal and 2 external from different organizations (at least 2 of 3 reviews must be signed by the respective doctors of science);
- For the tutorial four positive reviews - one internal and three external from different organizations (at least 3 out of 4 reviews must be signed by the respective doctors of science);
3. The procedure for the examination and registration of the title:
3.1. Textbooks received by the EMU REMC, are registered with the Secretariat of EMU and sent with a covering letter to the President of the EMU REMC examination three experts, is a leading specialist in the professional field and having a degree.
3.2. Expert opinions on the textbooks (Annex 2) are drawn up by experts with regard to the matters contained in the annex to this Regulation, within one month of receipt of the materials.
3.3 Title of EMU solution REMC assigned based on expert advice, by a vote of the members of the EMU , experts on assignment textbooks tilte.
3.4. The decision is made and communicated to the applicant in the form of a reasoned conclusion of the EMU REMC with the issuance of an extract from this meeting.
3.5 deflected educational literature no earlier than 6 months can be re-submitted to the EMA Rums after appropriate revisions and additions.
3.6. Author (s) shall (s) to submit within one month in the amount of two instances after the publication of textbooks with a signature stamp of EMU REMC at EMU.
3.7. In EMU REMC entrusted the monitoring of the educational literature after its publication, the implementation of advertising textbooks stamped EMU REMC, including through the EMU website in the Internet.
And as approved by the decision of the EMU REMC on 04.16.2015,
Protocol number 2
Chairman of EMU REMC: Praliyev S.Zh.
Annex 1 Requirements for the review:
Initial data:
Full name of author (s), academic degree and title, place of work, position.
The name and the name of discipline SES indicating cipher specialties, which prepared the manuscript.
Evaluation of the structure and content of the manuscript, that the content of the manuscript and the SES model curriculum subjects compulsory component or working discipline curriculum component for choice.
The novelty of the content.
Compliance state of scientific progress (in this area).
The degree of coverage of practical issues, their relevance.
Methodical material level, adaptability to his educational technologies.
The degree of compliance with the psychological and pedagogical requirements for the content and design of educational publications.
The expediency (inexpediency) assignment title.
Position, scientific degree, name, rank expert (specified business address, telephone, e-mail). The signature shall be certified by an expert at his place of work. The expanded extract from the minutes of the meeting of the department, the Academic Council of the university with a request for assignment of the neck in the last paragraph should contain the following:
- Scientific Council (organization, university) recommends a textbook / workbook - author, title - to assign a vulture of the MES RK , EMU by industry group "Education" REMC higher and postgraduate education of the MES RK based on the KazNPU named after Abai (abbreviated - EMU REMC based on KazNPU named after Abai) as the respective specialty "code - name of the specialty."
The above documents may be supplemented by the curriculum subjects on which the textbook / workbook, the model curricula of specialties approved by the Rector and equipped with the official seal of the university, which is intended tutorial.
Annex 2 Terms and definitions
School edition - edition containing systematic information of a scientific or applied research, as set out in the form convenient for learning and teaching and is designed for students at various levels of education.
Textbooks should be focused on the outcome of the learning process, the development of critical, logical and creative thinking, the organization of independent work of students and the formation of core competencies.
Textbooks includes the following types of media: books, manuals, reference books, dictionaries, an official publication, which is subject to copyright.
Tutorial - basic training book written at a high scientific and methodological level, fully corresponding to the theoretical part of the standard curriculum discipline model curriculum specialty.
Textbook - training book written at a high scientific and methodological level, corresponding to the whole or in part the model / work program model / working curriculum specialty.
Textbook / workbook must meet the following basic principles and requirements:
a) to set out the basis of relevant branches of science, without overloading the educational material unnecessary detail;
b) to serve as the main guide for students of full-time, part-time and distance learning;
c) to meet the state mandatory standards relevant specialty undergraduate and postgraduate education and the model curriculum of the discipline approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
d)to be based on sound scientific generalization and highlight the achievements of modern Russian and world science, technology, and information technology. The textbook should be given to a systematic and coherent exposition of the course on modern scientific methods to the latest lighting research;
d) to differ brevity and clarity, clarity of definitions, as well as the accuracy and reliability of the data presented are complete;
e) In accordance with the loan program contained at the end of each paragraph checklists for self-learning knowledge, exemplary tasks for independent work at the end of the book - the test items (from 30 to 120 tasks).
f) to contain a pointer to the domestic and world literature in Kazakh, Russian and foreign languages, as well as online resources for further in-depth and independent work in the discipline.
The main structural components of the textbook are:
1. Introduction;
2) the text of (primary, secondary, explanatory), distributed by sections, chapters, topics;
3) illustratively-supporting material;
4) The unit of learning (questions, assignments, tests, self-study material for students);
5) The device orientation (preface designation - symbols, indexes, table of contents).
Monograph - scientific or popular official publication containing the study of one problem or topic and owned by one or more of the authors, not a textbook or teaching aid, it is not attributable to the tile EMU REMC.