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The research work of the department includes two interrelated areas: research work of teaching staff and teaching activities. These directions will allow to improve the system of scientific training and pedagogical staff on Bachelor, Master and PhD doctoral studies, covering up-to-date problems of pedagogy and psychology.

During the existence of the chair, the teaching staff took part in scientific projects at various levels:
- fundamental and applied research projects financed by MES of RK;
- projects financed by international organizations;
- financed by the republican budget;
- university-funded scientific research projects.

Project scientific research works were conducted on various topics: 2009-2011- «Scientific and pedagogical bases of modernization of training of special teachers in conditions of credit technology of education»; 2012-2015 - «Theoretical and methodological bases of professional development of scientific and pedagogical staff at the stage of post-graduate education». The project «Modernization and development of curricula in pedagogy and educational management in the countries of Central Asia» (2014-2016) was developed by the international organization TEMPUS at the department. For the period 2018-2020 a fundamental scientific research is conducted under the guidance of Professor Abdigapbarova U.M. on the topic «Dual-oriented learning - as a condition for improving the professional preparation of a future teacher» within the framework of the state program «Mangilik El», financed by MES of RK.

The teachers of the chair carry out various works within the framework of the project activity. They are: Professor, psychologist Sangilbayev O.S. has worked as an editorial worker on the project «100 textbooks» since 2018, professor N.N. Khan is an expert of the Republican scientific-methodical projects on the topic of «Development of Methodological Vocational Pedagogues of the Republic of Kazakhstan», she was a member of the commission on the nomination «Scientists and Specialists in the Development of Science and Technology» of the section «Pedagogy and Psychology» on the appointment of the state scientific grant in Astana.

Since 2017, the sphere of research projects has been developing on an international scale. The project is being implemented with the Moscow City State University (Russia) under the program for evaluating the quality of education within the framework of the consortium of the chair staf; the MEVLANA project (Turkey), head of the chair, professor Kosherbaeva A.N. is invited to lecture in the higher educational institutions of Turkey in 2018-2019 academic year.


Special attention at the show successful results is paid to the issue of textbooks and teaching aids for specialties. Teachers of the chair are actively involved in the publication of textbooks and teaching aids for secondary schools, students of higher educational institutions and institutions of secondary vocational education: Professors A.N. Kosherbaeva, N.N. Khan under the heading of MES RK published textbooks «Pedagogy» and «Education magement» in English; Professor U.M. Abdigapbarova - the author of textbooks and workbooks «Self-knowledge» for the 4th and 9th grades of secondary schools; professor B.A. Turgunbaeva published a textbook and an educational complex «Literary reading» for the 4th grade of secondary schools in the «Almatykitap» publishing house.

Professors of the chair O.S. Sangilbayev, K.Zh. Aganina, L.O. Sarsenbayeva, T.N. Zhundybaeva, M.A. Absatova, G.O. Abdullaeva are the authors of textbooks and teaching aids for students of higher educational institutions.

The department successfully operates an advanced scientific and methodological seminar. Topics of the seminar are determined in accordance with the directions of scientific activity of the faculty of the department and the university. The seminar organizes international academic readings with the participation of foreign professors. The seminar is characterized by multidimensional activities and is a powerful incentive for the research work of young scientists and researchers.

For many years of activity, well-known domestic and foreign scientists, international experts on topical issues of pedagogy, psychology and education - A. Irsaliev, Guchlu (Turkey), V. Torgamadze (Latvia), and others - spoke at the seminars. The seminar became a platform for scientific discussions and analysis of doctoral and master studies. On the recommendation of the scientific and methodological seminar, doctoral students of the chair come out to defend their thesis at the doctoral council for the award of an academic degree Doctor PhD.

The faculty of the department closely cooperate with various scientific organizations, foreign higher educational institutions of the USA, Canada, Latvia, Austria. Long-standing partnerships are developing: Lithuanian University of Economics; Gdansk University in Poland; Taras Shevchenko Kiev National University; Gazi University in Turkey; Moscow State Pedagogical University; Diozese Linz Private Pedagogical University in Austria and others. The professors of these universities are foreign scientific leaders of doctoral students of the department. In accordance with the bilateral agreement, doctoral students and undergraduates of the department annually undergo scientific internships at these universities, improve knowledge, and gather information on their research work.

The department cooperates with Nazarbayev University, the National Center for Advanced Studies «Orleu». Teachers, undergraduates and doctoral students of the department annually increase their scientific potential in foreign universities (Germany, Austria, USA, Turkey, etc.). In the period 2012-2015, being the owner of the presidential scholarship «Bolashak», Professor A.N. Kosherbaeva completed a scientific internship and studied at the Brunel University in London, at the International University of Barcelona, and was the head of the cultural and educational center in Turkey.

A number of professors, teachers of the chair work as members of the editorial board of journals abroad and in Kazakhstan: Professor B.A. Turgunbayeva is a member of the editorial board of the journals «Kazakhstan school», «Bulletin of the Chelyabinsk University», «Pedagogy and Psychology» of the Gdansk University of Poland, and Professor N.N. Khan is a member of the editorial board of the journal «Pedagogy and Psychology», which is published at Abai KazNPU.

Bachelors, undergraduates and doctoral students of the chair show successful results; they participate in various international and national conferences of the near and far abroad, are holders of presidential scholarships, and win prizes in annual republican competitions, subject republican competitions and SRWS.


The Department of pedagogy and psychology works closely with other universities


Lectures of foreign scientific professor Rimantas Zhelvis


Seminar-conference «Network of research and technology of education and summer school»


2nd Republican conference of the teachers and scientists «Dual training in the pedagogical education: experience, approaches, problems»


2016/2017 academic year SMC Shool-College-University continues active work