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The educational program of primary education of Abai KazNPU trains highly qualified specialists of three levels (bachelor - master - doctorate). The scientific and pedagogical potential of the department is represented by professors, doctors and candidates of science, associate professors, leading scientists in the field of pedagogy and methodology of primary education, the authors of textbooks for primary classes of Kazakh and Russian schools, teaching aids for universities. Students studying pedagogy and methodology of primary education receive an additional specialization in computer science, English, and music.




Chair  of the "Pedagogy and Psychology" trains bachelors, masters of pedagogical and psychological sciences and doctors PhD in the specialty "Pedagogy and Psychology" (5B010300, 6M010300, 6D010300). The scientific and pedagogical potential of the chair is represented by 10 doctors, professors, and 9 candidates of sciences, associate professors, leading scientists in the field of pedagogy and psychology, the owners of the various government grants and national and international awards. In 2015, the staff of the chair has replenished with 9 PhD doctoral, masters of young scientists-teachers, practitioners and researchers. Students of pedagogy and psihlogii receive additional specialization "Management in Education".




Chair of the "Special education" Kazakhstan is leading the preparation of defectologists. Graduates of the specialty "Defectology" in demand both in Kazakhstan and in the near and far abroad. Training is carried out by experienced teachers, well-known scientists of the Department of Special Education defectologists among them: doctor of psychological sciences, Academician Zh. Y. Namazbaeva, doctor of mathematical sciences Tayzhan A.A.,  doctor of psychological sciences Satova A.K., candidates of pedagogical sciences, professors Omirbekova K.K., Bektaeva K.Zh., candidates of psychological sciences,  , associate professors Autaeva A.N., Makina L. Kh., candidates pf pedagogical sciences, associate professors Zavalishna O.V.,  Abaeva G.A., G.S. Orazaeva, candidates of pedagogical sciences, senior  lecturers Zhalmukhamedova A.K., A.A. Baitursynova, Bekbaeva Z.N., DenisovaI.A., Masters of pedagogical sciences Baydosova D.K., Tulebieva G.N.,  Makhmetova A.A., Tynybaeva L.M., Daurambekova A.A.,  Ibatova G.B., Nurlanbekova A.D., Butabaeva L.A., Rakhimov M.M., B.B. Zhakanbaeva.
At the chair of special education teaching staff are trained in four areas:
Educational levels - teacher, tiflopedagog - educator, performing teaching children with visual impairments.
On areas - teacher, surdopedagogs - teacher, teaching children with hearing impairments.
Oligophrenopedagogics- teacher, special education teacher - a teacher, conducting training of children with intellectual disabilities.
Speech therapy - logoped- development specialist, speech correction of children with severe speech disorders;


Educational program of preschool education, social pedagogy and self-knowledge
The educational program of preschool education and social pedagogy and self-knowledge is the leader in Kazakhstan by training for preschools and social educators prepares bachelors, masters of education and a PhD on specialties «Preschool training and education», «Social pedagogy and self-knowledge».
Currently, the Educational Program employs teachers with extensive experience in scientific, educational and practical activities. Among them are three doctors of pedagogical sciences, professors, eight candidates of pedagogical sciences, associate professors, 6 PhD, senior teachers and masters of pedagogical sciences. Educational activities are conducted in the main areas: social pedagogy, preschool education and upbringing:
Social pedagogue is relatively new, the birth of which, to a greater extent caused by "the new quality of socialization" in connection with the worsening socio-political, economic, ethnic and economic contradictions of the modern world.
Preschool education is the foundation of the entire educational system, since it is here that the foundations of personality are laid, which determine the nature of the future development of the child.
Education is the basis for the development of high spiritual qualities and universal moral values among young people.


Chair of the General and Applied Psychology provides quality training of highly qualified psychologists bachelors in specialty "5B050300-Psychology" with specialization "Mediation" and master of social sciences on the specialty "6M050300 Psychology". Teaching staff of the chair  are: 2-doctor of psychological sciences, professor; 13 candidates of psychological sciences and 1-legal sciences , 9 - associate professors; senior teachers masters psychology.
Currently, the chair has a modern scientific and technical basis for practical training and the organization of research work of students and undergraduates.
The department collaborates with universities and abroad, which makes it possible for students and undergraduates undergo training and practice abroad under the program akakdemicheskoy mobility.
by specialty training includes:
a fundamental theoretical training in psychology;
-formation skills of psychological trainings, business games;
-development of the skills of psychodiagnostics and psychological counseling;
To prepare specialists in psychology konkuretnosposobnyh mediation talks.
Psychologists mediators are competent in carrying out psychological counseling, psychodiagnostics, psycho, psycho-prophylactic action in all social spheres:
- In education and healthcare;
- In the Armed Forces and law enforcement agencies;
- In the services of psychological assistance to the populatin.


Department of Pedagogy as a General University Chair:
1) provides the educational process in 7 institutes of the university under bachelor programs for all specialties of the «Education» group;
2) provides training in Kazakh, Russian and English (at the physical-mathematical and natural-geographical institutes of the university) languages in all disciplines of the pedagogical cycle: «Pedagogy», «Theory and methods of educational work», «Management in education», «National education «Manguilik El»;
3) manages all types of student practices in 1-3-4 courses.
Currently, the department employs: 12 teachers, of which 4 are doctors of pedagogical sciences, professors, 6 are candidates of pedagogical sciences, professors, 2 are masters; 1 is a technician. The degree of the department is 84.3%.