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The main directions of the research works of departement:
- study of the new scientific achievements and practical experience in the field of national, moral, spiritual, patriotic and other education in the world educational space;
- development of a model (system) for the formation of a national identity of future specialists in the context of the national idea «Mangililk Yel»;
- developing scientific and practical recommendations for improving the quality of higher pedagogical education of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the context of the development of the intellectual potential of the future specialist`s personality;
- making presentations at international and republican seminars and conferences on topical issues of the formation of human values in future specialists,
- publication in domestic and foreign journals with high IF, wide media coverage;
-organization and holding of methodological seminars, trainings, scientific and practical (republican, international) conferences.

A special event of the department is the organization and holding of an international scientific-practical conference dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Abay University on the theme «Methodology and practice of the formation of competitive higher educational education». All areas of the conference were associated with current issues in the field of higher pedagogical education.

The work of the conference will be carried out in the following areas:
1.Formation of a new paradigm of competitive HPE in the light of the President`s Addresses and strategic documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
2.The influence of spiritual modernization of public consciousness on the formation of a new paradigm of competitive HPE.
3.Methodological approaches, ideas and principles of formation of competitive higher pedagogical education. Model of the new paradigm of competitive HPE.
4.Formation and development of competitiveness of future teachers as an actual problem of higher pedagogical education.
5.Foreign experience in the formation of competitive higher pedagogical education.
6.Acmeological aspect of the development of a competitive teacher in the system of higher pedagogical education.
7.Scientific and methodological support of competitive HPE.

The scientific potential of the department is expressed through the participation of teachers in the development of concepts, programs in external organizations. Prof. Zhampeisov K.K., professor of Abay university, Kolumbayev Sh.Zh. were involved in the development of conceptual documents, through the MES RK and I. Altynsarin NEA RK : «Conceptual foundations of education in the conditions of «Рухани жаңғыру», «Program for the development of pedagogical education of the Republic of Kazakhstan».

The department systematically operates a scientific and methodological seminars, which is open to teachers of all faculties of the university. (responsible person: candidate of pedagogical sciences, professor of AbayUniversity, Berikkhanova A.E.).


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