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02-11 June 2018, the scientists of the Department Professor Zhampeisova K.K., Professor Kolumbaeva Sh.Zh. passed internship in Germany (Higher Pedagogical School of Freiburg) as part of the project «Scientific and practical foundations of the formation of the paradigm of competitive higher pedagogical education of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the stage of spiritual renewal of society».

The purpose of the trip is to familiarize with the experience of teacher training, the practice of teacher education as a competitive system, and identify trends in the development of teacher education in Germany (Research area - teacher education as a competitive system).

A meeting was also held with students of the pedagogical faculty and lecturer Dr. Claudia Rupp, attending a seminar on «Teacher`s Professionalism - Training and Working with Parents», identifying the specifics of working with students in the classroom. There was a conversation with the Director of the Pedagogical Faculty Dr. Uwe Bitlingmayer about the features of the substantive content of the process of teacher training and the exchange of views on the features of the psychological and pedagogical component of the teachertraining curriculum. The lecture of the Director of the International Cooperation Department prof. Johannes Lebfrom «Higher Education in Germany»; discussion of problems of higher education, attendance and discussion of classes at the pedagogical faculty on the special course «Intercultural education in the audience - anti-racism», the seminar of Professor Ronald Asch «The political system of Germany, Introduction to comparative studies», etc.


The scientists of the department cooperate with universities, research centers of foreign and neighboring countries: International Academy of Sciences and Pedagogical Education, Russian State Social University (Russia), International Center for Education and Scientific Information (Interkulturelle Weiterbildungsgellschaft eV), Düsseldorf, Germany, International CONCORD (France ) and etc.