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The research work of the Department of Preschool Education and Social Pedagogy is carried out in the following areas:
- development and deepening of relations with organizations of potential employers and training of specialists in accordance with the needs of the labor market;
- own scientific research of the faculty of the department (within the framework of the master`s degree and doctoral dissertation), including new technologies for working with information and updated pedagogical methodology;
- scientific management of diploma projects, master`s and doctoral dissertations with optimal organization of research work of students, undergraduates and doctoral students;
- direction of creative initiatives for the development of research and scientific projects of students, undergraduates and doctoral students, involvement in research work and participation of students, undergraduates and doctoral students in scientific conferences;
- creation of scientific cooperation relations with similar educational institutions in Kazakhstan, CIS countries and abroad. Work in this direction with other educational and scientific structures, exchange of experience and joint participation in various conferences and forums;
- participation of teaching staff in the work on the implementation of scientific projects of grant financing of the National Higher Educational Institution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, under a grant from the rector and participation in an international project.

Applied and fundamental research is being developed, funded from the republican budget of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and funded by the Rector of Abai KazNPU  (grant) and the continuation of scientific research on scientific grants (under a grant from the rector of the University).


Faculty of the department regularly make presentations at scientific conferences, advanced training courses for specialists in the field of education and media expertise.

The educational and scientific activities of the teaching staff are conducted in the main areas: social pedagogy and preschool education and upbringing. In our activities, we are guided by the following normative legal documents: "Law on Education"; "State Mandatory Standard of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan" (higher education, bachelor`s and master`s degrees).

Modernization of the education system, the introduction of such categories as system analysis, information technology, and semiotics into the educational space imply the need for educational technologies that implement project-based learning and form an active, independent position of students. One of these technologies is project activity.

PhD, Associate Professor of the University Akhmetova Aigul Igenovna project manager (IRN AP19679368) "An integrative approach in fairy tale therapy as an innovative technology for preserving the psychological health of the younger generation in the context of digitalization of education." Fundamental, applied, interdisciplinary research in the field of humanities 2023-2025, this project is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In the 2022/2023 academic year, teachers of the department A. Aitpaeva and PhD G. Abitova took part in an intra-university project on the topic: "Development of the basics of self-realization in older preschoolers in the process of interaction with objects of the surrounding world" (Socio-cultural project). The head of this project was the candidate of pedagogical Sciences, Professor A.K. Aitpaeva, the executor is PhD, associate professor Abitova G.T.

Scientific and methodological interests are aimed at finding optimal and effective technologies for the formation of professional competence of students, considering them from a wide variety of points of view. A significant place is given to personality-oriented learning, which allows students to form an active life position, closely related to professional competitiveness.

The main goal of the project is to create socio-cultural conditions for the development of the foundations of self-realization of older preschool children in the process of interaction with objects of the surrounding world. The object of the pedagogical project is the process of self-realization of the child`s personality and the formation of social abilities in children aged 5-6 years.
This project was introduced into the academic discipline: "Methods of speech development of preschool children"; "Methods of familiarization with the world of preschool children".

Availability of scientific projects funded by local executive bodies (MOI) or business representatives-1.

Akhmetova Aigul Igenovna, head of the project "Stress Management for healthcare professionals" funded by IP Nur Education (December 27, 2022 - January 4, 2023).

Participation of university teaching staff in the projects of the Research Institute and other scientific organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan-1.

Professor of the Department, Ph.D. R.K. Bekmagambetova is a participant, executive scientific consultant of the project on the topic: "Formation of readiness for self-education of future teachers through project activities." This project is being implemented as part of the grant financing of young scientists under the Zhas Galym project for 2022/2024 (Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan AR 15473674).

PhD, Associate Professor of the University Alimbekova Anar Aimoldanovna Executive director: external scientific collaborator in the implementation of the project on the topic "Scientific-theoretical and comparative-analytical analysis of the problems of bullying and cyberbullying among children and adolescents", funded by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan (BR18574152) for 2022/2024. The project on the topic "Development of measures to prevent bullying against children and the study of its relevant aspects" uses personality-oriented, axiological, synergetic, integrative, acmeological, system-activity approaches. The analysis, synthesis and assessment of the state and measures for the prevention of bullying and cyberbullying against children in educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan will ensure the transformation of their content in the direction of the development of measures for the prevention of bullying and cyberbullying against children and adolescents.

The participants of the study are subjects of the general education process (students, teachers, parents, etc.), which ensures the achievement of high results at all stages of the study, since in relation to children, the priority task of the state is to develop the prevention of bullying and cyberbullying.

According to the results of the independent ranking of the demand for universities:
-1 place in the ranking of universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan by groups of bachelor`s degree educational programs according to the educational program 6b012 B002-preschool education and upbringing;
-1 place in the ranking of universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan by groups of master`s degree programs in the educational program 7m012 M002-preschool education and upbringing;
-1 place in the ranking of universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan by groups of educational programs of doctoral studies in the educational program 8d012 D002-preschool education and upbringing;;
From October 12 to October 14, 2022 KazNPU named afterAbaya has passed the international specialized accreditation of the Agency for Accreditation and Independent Rating (IAAR/NARA) "preschool education and upbringing (6B01201, 7M01201)", as well as the OP "6b01801-Social pedagogy and self-knowledge" for a period of five years.
-In June 2023, according to the results of the National Rating published at the request of the University of the Republic of Kazakhstan-2023, conducted by the Independent Accreditation and Rating Agency (NARA), the following OP programs took part in the department and took the following places:
6B1201-preschool education and upbringing-1st place;
7M1201-preschool education and upbringing-2nd place;
8D1201-preschool education and upbringing - 1st place.

Report for the academic year 2021- 2022 on the results of the doctoral thesis 8D01201-education program of pre-school education and training


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