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Preschool educational programs, social and self-knowledge play a leading role in the training of specialists of preschool education, social pedagogues and teachers in the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as masters of pedagogical Sciences, specialty 6М010100-»preschool training and education» and doctors of PhD in the specialty 6D010100-»preschool training and education». The main direction of educational activity is preschool education and upbringing, social pedagogy and self-knowledge.


In the National NAAR Rating, educational programs «5b010100, 6M010100, 6D010100 - «preschool education and upbringing» took the first place (2017-2018), «5b012300 - Social pedagogy and self-knowledge» - the third place (2017); 5B010100, 6m010100, 6D010100-educational programs «preschool education and upbringing» 2017-2022). Specialty» 5b012300 - Social pedagogy and self-knowledge « (AQUIN) has received a quality certificate of international accreditation. According to the results of 2020, the educational program 5B010100 - «preschool education and upbringing» took the first place, 6m010100-the second place, 6D010100-the third place.


In the educational activities of educational programs of preschool, social and self-knowledge, they are guided by the documents «law on education», « state mandatory standard of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan (higher education, bachelor`s degree) State Budget of the Republic of Kazakhstan 3.08.255-2006 and state budget 6.08.061-2010). Works with a license for training in the specialties « 6m010100-preschool education and upbringing «and» 6D010100 - «Preschool education and training».The research work of the department «preschool education and social pedagogy» is being implemented by the «strategic development plan of KazNPU for 2018-2025», by 2025 KazNPU named after him.Abaya is striving to become the leader of teacher education in the CIS,» the master teachers of the XXI century « through the transformation of the results of advanced studies in education, results, methods and pedagogical technologies of training at the best training programs and also to raise the prestige of the teaching profession and become a powerful driver of development.


Therefore, QS obliges you to take the 450th place in the World University Rankings.


Research work on educational programs of preschool, social and self-knowledge is carried out in the following areas::

- development and deepening of relations with organizations of potential employers and training of specialists in accordance with the needs of the labor market;

- own scientific research of the faculty of the department (within the framework of the master`s degree and doctoral dissertation), including new technologies for working with information and updated pedagogical methodology;

- scientific management of theses, master`s and doctoral theses in the optimal organization of research work of students, undergraduates, doctoral students;

- direction of creative initiatives for the development of research and scientific projects of students, undergraduates and doctoral students, involvement in research work and participation of students, undergraduates and doctoral students in scientific conferences;

- Creation of relations of scientific cooperation with similar educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the CIS countries, the CIS and far abroad. Work in this direction with other educational and scientific structures, exchange of experience and joint participation in various conferences and forums.


The scientific project» Scientific and methodological bases of programs of self-improvement of teachers within the framework of modernization of public consciousness»is being improved. (5,515,456 tenge with funding from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan). The main direction is «Mangilik el» (XXI century of education, basic and applied research in the field of humanities).regist.number 0118RK00551). Scientific director of the project, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Bekmagambetova R. K. Teachers of educational programs of preschool, social and self-knowledge regularly make presentations at scientific conferences, in the classrooms of advanced training of specialists in the field of education and in front of experts in the field of mass media.


To the 90th anniversary of KazNPU. In order to strengthen the image of the university, a number of events were held, and on October 18, 2018, Ph. D., Acc., under the leadership of Professor U. Kyyakbayeva, a forum of graduates of the Department «Preschool Education and Social Pedagogy»was organized. The main goal of the forum is to identify innovative mechanisms of interaction in the field of education, science and advanced technologies. The forum was attended by graduates who graduated each year. Graduates of the university - currently school teachers and school principals-were invited. Responsible for the successful holding of the forum Alimbekova A. A., Bulekbaeva A. I.,she graduated from S.


In the newspaper «Teacher of Kazakhstan» (No. 5-6 (3513), March 31, 2018), teacher Nurgalieva D. A. published an article «creative work» about the career guidance work of the department to attract graduates to their specialty and about various events held by students in the educational process.


PhD, Associate Professor Taszhurekova Zh. T. on September 21 (2018) held a special methodological seminar for undergraduates and doctoral students «Introduction to psychological and pedagogical research in preschool education». Young scientists were invited to discuss their ideas with their supervisor and colleagues, discuss their scientific work, and talk about what contributes to the emergence of new ideas in the exchange of views. For a comprehensive view of the research problem, the creation of the scientific apparatus and the structure of the dissertation were objectively discussed. During the seminar, undergraduates and doctoral students in the course of analyzing their scientific work asked the lecturer questions, opinions, criticisms and useful tips, there was feedback. Participation in the discussion of the work of colleagues during such a seminar develops the skills of critical thinking, expert evaluation and encourages young scientists to see the results of research work.


In May 2020, the specialty 6d010100-preschool education and upbringing took the first place according to the results of the National Ranking of Universities of Kazakhstan-2019, conducted by the Independent Accreditation and Rating Agency (TARA), published in the newspaper «Kazakhstanskaya Pravda».


In the 2018 academic year, A. I. Akhmetova (6D010300-Pedagogy and Psychology of GDZ No. 0002260 of 06.03.2018, pr. No. 413) and M. K. Ibraeva (6d010300-Pedagogy and Psychology of GDZ No. 0002259. of. 06. 03. 2018, pr. No. 413) successfully defended his doctoral dissertations.


In the 2019 academic year, G. T. Aubakirova successfully defended her doctoral dissertation «6D010100-Preschool education and upbringing» No. 0000012 04-02-02-02/131


List of faculty members who participated in projects funded KazNPU them. Abay in 2020y .(internal university projects and MES RK)

The list of faculty who have received patents and inventors certificates in 2020 year

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List of faculty members, undergraduates and doctoral students who have completed scientific missions across Kazakhstan in 2020

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