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The action «From heart to heart»


The day of the elderly person is of great importance for the whole society. This day should remind the younger generation that they should remember and respect them. The international day of elderly people in Kazakhstan is celebrated since October 1, 1991. Various festivals organized by associations for the rights of older people, conferences and congresses on their role in society are held on 1 October. Public organizations and foundations organize various charity events on this day. Our students often participate in such events as volunteers.

Volunteering for a student is always a new experience and practice. This is an opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in a team of like-minded people.

As part Of the international day of the elderly, students-volunteers of the club LEADER provided support to the concert program in the «Center for special social services».

The meeting of volunteers and veterans was held in a friendly and warm atmosphere. Veterans listened to the performance of young artists, children, and sang and danced themselves.

We hope that such meetings will be held more often.












1 June -children`s day

1 June 2018, Оn the Сhildren`s Day the students of the specialty 5B012300 - Social pedagogic and self-cognition of the Institute of pedagogy and psychology under the guidance of PhD AnarAlimbekova conducted a number of activities in the framework of the campaign «give joy to children».


One of them was a master class: «Technology of organization of holidays dedicated to children». The event was attended by Deputy Director GulzhanarАrynova, teachers AnarAlimbekova, Dolores Nurgalieva and students of SС «Leader».


At the master class, students got acquainted with the features and technologies of holding the day of child protection. The types of events that can be prepared for Children`s Day (lectures, seminars for parents, consultations of specialists, preparation of holidays, quizzes, flash mobs, competitions, exhibitions, master classes, etc.) were discussed.


Another important event was the campaign «sweets for children». The purpose of the action was congratulating children of the orphanage № 1 of Almaty region, creating a festive atmosphere and treat specially prepared sweets.


Another event was dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Abai Kazakh national pedagogical University and was called «90 children-90 balls». The purpose of this action is to give children and their parents a festive mood, to congratulate children on the holiday and give balls.


During the events, students showed high activity. Students realized that to give joy to children is a great happiness. They experienced a special feeling, realizing that they are directly related to the fact that they were able to make happy and cheer up the children.