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 Kyakbaeva Ulbosyn Kozybaevna
Head of educational programs for preschool education, social pedagogy and self-knowledge
Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, associate professor
Tole bi str., 31


The history of the educational programs of preschool education, social pedagogy and self-knowledge begins in 1983, when the Department of Pedagogy and Methods of primary education was organized on the basis of the Defectology Faculty of the Abai KazNPU.


In 1990, as a result of the reorganization, the Department of Primary School Pedagogy was established, the first head of which was a well-known scientist Professor Talgat Sabirov. Professor Romseit Koyanbayev, who headed the Faculty of Pedagogy and Methods of Primary Education at that time, provided great assistance in opening an independent department.


In 2001, the Department has implemented a set of students majoring in: «Pedagogy and Psychology» and «Primary military and physical training», in connection with which the department received a new name-the Department of Pedagogy of Primary school, primary military and physical training.


In 2010, the department opened the specialty «Social pedagogy and self-knowledge», respectively, the department became known as the Department of General, age and Social Pedagogy.


In 2015, due to the structural changes of the university, students of the specialty «Preschool education and Upbringing» were transferred to the department. Since this year, the department is called the Department of Preschool Education and Social Pedagogy. Since September 2018, the head of the Educational Program of Preschool Education, Social Pedagogy and Self-knowledge has been appointed Associate Professor Ulbosyn Kiyakbayeva.


Currently, the staff of the PPP «Educational programs of preschool education, social pedagogy and self-knowledge» consists of 23 people, the number of students exceeds 300 people, in the magistracy 24, and doctoral - 15.