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 Alimbekova Anar Aymoldanovna
Associate Professor
PhD doctor
Tole bi str., 31


Student club "Leader"


The Leader Club has 12 sections in 3 directions:

1. Research work of students;

2. Educational work of students;

3. Student Government.



12 sections of the club:

1. Cultural events;

2. Healthy lifestyle;

3.Scientific knowledge;

4. Volunteers;

5. ART;

6. Cinema and theater;

7. Learning languages;

8. Reading Room;

9. Debate;

10. Music;

11. Tourism;

12. Social Media, Marketing (SMM).


Composition: 6B01801-Social pedagogy and self-knowledge

6B01201-Preschool education and upbringing

Supervisor: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Acting Associate Professor Alimbekova A.A.


The goal of the Leader Club is to develop students` self-management skills.

Increasing students` interest in the educational process, scientific research, promoting the implementation of innovative ideas, training competitive specialists in accordance with the demands of society through the development of the quality of professional leadership.



- development of teamwork and professional relationship skills;

- countering frustration, self-motivation;

- human values, healthy lifestyle;

- organizational, creative, oratorical skills;

- development of the ability to realize competitiveness, analytical thinking;

- to develop the desire to gain knowledge, independent search;

- understanding commitment to a healthy lifestyle, etc;

. - time management and effective organization;

- self-government;

- formation of a teacher-leader, educator-leader.