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Scientific and research activity


Achievements and research on the organisation of inclusive education in Abai KazNPU


Students of the 1st, 3rd, 4th courses and 1st year undergraduates of Kazakh and Russian groups of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology took part in the annual Republican competition of SR in the section «5B010500 -Defectology» «6M010500 - Defectology» and were awarded diplomas of MES of RK.


List of winners - «5B010500-Defectology»:

Diploma of the First Degree - Shynar Malkenova;

Diplomas of II degree - Aruzhan Turmagambet and Shugla Oralkhanzy;

Diplomas of IІІ degree - Sholokhova Natalia, Nurgalieva Nazimgul and Zhamalieva Adel.

Letters of appreciation to: Yekaterina Borisova, Shattyk Kosherbay and Gulim Nusupova.

«6M010500 - Defectology»:

Diploma of I degree - Esen Anelya;

Diplomas of II degree - Mukash Botagoz and Sagatova Diana;

Diplomas of IІІ degree - Aitzhanova Asel, Shertay Ayauzhan and Nurseitova Korkem.


Areas of activity of the department:

1. Assessment of the problems of the research work of the department.

In the Strategy «Kazakhstan-2050», which defines a new political direction for the development of the nation, the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, states that «... the creation of modern effective education and health systems» is one of the main goals of the country`s development. In addition, the course proposed by the first President «On economic pragmatism based on the principles of profitability, investment and competitiveness», which can be considered as the principle of managing the education system, is very important for the development of educational policy in our country. In our case, we are talking about combining the labor market - the system of specialized education and pedagogical universities, where specialists are trained to work with children with disabilities.


The urgency of improving the effectiveness of higher education provides for its reform for flexible and rapid restructuring, taking into account the regional needs of teachers in working with children with disabilities in special and general education institutions. In this case, in order to implement the state policy in the field of inclusive education, it is necessary to develop a mechanism for interaction between the systems of higher professional and special education. During this period, the department of professional training in special pedagogy seeks to integrate various fields of science and education in the process of training future specialists and developing social, medical and pedagogical correction of children with disabilities.

The research work of the department of professional training (special pedagogy) is carried out in close connection with the educational and methodological work, which allows you to train specialists in a wide range of specialties and areas. Its priorities:

1. Research and applied research in the field of special pedagogy and psychology.

2. Implementation of research results in the practice of organizations of special education and general education organizations working in the mode of inclusive education.

3. Development of educational programs, educational literature for universities and special education organizations.

4. Participation in events aimed at the exchange of scientific and practical experience at the international and national levels (conferences, seminars, etc.).


The topic of the research work of the staff of the Department of Professional Training (special pedagogy) is determined in accordance with the research of the department «Scientific and Methodological support of special education and higher education systems».


The main tasks of the research work of the department are:

- conducting relevant research that contributes to the development of advanced domestic science in the field of training in the special education system;

- enriching the educational process with the results of research in the field of education in the system of inclusive education;

- professional development of teaching staff in the country and abroad;

- training of scientific and pedagogical personnel (doctoral students, masters, bachelors);

- development of textbooks, manuals and teaching materials for teachers of the special education system of higher education institutions engaged in the training of teachers of special education; students of special educational institutions;

- development and processing of educational programs, textbooks, textbooks, monographs, scientific articles.

- information support of the university library;

- Cooperation with scientific organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan, near and far abroad;


2. Relevance, novelty of research work, uniqueness of scientific topics.

The research conducted by the Department of Vocational Training (Special Pedagogy) is designed to provide scientific, theoretical and methodological support for the learning process of children with disabilities. The needs of the development and management of the social sphere of the special education system also determine these areas.


The issue of teaching children with disabilities in the Kazakh language occupies a special place in the work of the department. In recent years Kazakhstan is actively transforming pre-school and school education in the formation and development of personal qualities of the younger generation on the basis of ethno-cultural direction of teaching children with disabilities, Kazakh ethno-pedagogy and ethno-psychology.


The teaching staff of the Department of Professional Training in Special Pedagogy continues to work on the development of teaching and methodological support for the process of teaching children with disabilities in the Kazakh language in special (remedial) schools. This area is of particular importance in socialization of Kazakh children with any developmental disabilities and their national identity. The department also develops curricula, textbooks and teaching materials for pre-school and school special education organizations with Russian and Kazakh as the language of instruction.


The research work carried out within the framework of the above-mentioned types of work reflects the latest trends in research and allows us to improve the system of training scientific and pedagogical personnel in bachelor`s, master`s and doctoral programs, which contributes to the deepening of theoretical and practical training of students. their professionalism, creative search.


The topics of the projects of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan 2018-2020-2021 are considered.

1. « Starting inequality of people with disabilities in the higher education system.

2. Formation of the distance educational environment of the university for teaching disabled students with limited mobility (immobile)

3. « Dual-oriented learning as a condition for improving the professional training of future teachers»

4. «Transformation of student-centered learning of the future teacher in the digital environment».

5. «Scientific and methodological support of training, psychological and pedagogical support, social rehabilitation of children with special educational needs in special and inclusive education».

Direction: «Formation of the language system of the native (Kazakh) language in the course of speech ontogenesis of children of early and preschool age».

6. Formation of professional competencies of students in the «School-College-University» system in accordance with international standards through the organization of network interaction and the use of remote technologies.

7. Managing the process of evaluating the educational achievements of students with special educational needs.


3. Innovation of research projects.

Strengthening the integration of the special education system and pedagogical universities will be one of the innovative resources that will have a synergistic effect on improving the quality of education for children with disabilities. The introduction of technologies based on an automated database management system for specialists in the field of special education will help optimize the strategy for the development of a single educational space for children with disabilities, and the number of graduates of pedagogical universities will be increased.


In 2020, seven teachers from the Department of Professional Training in Special Pedagogy participated in the development of textbooks and teaching aids for special (correctional) kindergartens and schools for children with hearing, intellectual and speech impairments. Six teachers of the department participated in the projects financed by the MES RK and other organizations of the country. (Z.A. Movkebayeva, Professor, N.B. Jienbayeva, Professor, A.N. Autaeva, Associate Professor, L.A. Butabayeva, Senior Lecturer, T.J. Baidilinov, Senior Lecturer, G.B. Ibatova, Senior Lecturer).


4. Participation of employees in the scientific activities of third-party scientific organizations.

The faculty of the department participates in foreign and domestic events of foreign scientific organizations on special and inclusive education:

Movkebayeva Z. A. December 18, 2020-delivered a report «Problems of organizing distance learning for people with disabilities in the situation of COVID-19 in the Republic of Kazakhstan» at the Virtual Round Table «Our answers to COVID-19: the challenge is accepted!» at the Department of Psychology and Pedagogy of Distance Learning Faculty of Distance Learning MSPPU (Moscow, Russia). Movkebaeva Z. A. October 27-28, 2020 - Presentation of the report «Strategies for training teachers for inclusive education in the Republic of Kazakhstan» at the International Scientific Online Forum «Inclusion in Universities: Global Trends and local strategies» (Tyumen, Russia). Ibatova G. B.-05.10.2020-14.10.2020. lectured at the advanced training courses for teachers for students of the NNPC RSIO «Psychological and pedagogical support for children of early and preschool age with speech disorders» for speech therapists and educators, special and general preschool organizations. Ataeva A. N., Zhienbayeva N. B., Makhmetova A.A. On 06.05.2020, an online webinar was held on the topic «Innovative technologies for the development of research competencies of doctoral students».


On 12.01.21, the project teams in the field of « Special Pedagogy «held an international round table on the topic» Assessment as a process and result of training in higher education institutions and in special educational organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan « in online mode. Moderator: A. N. Autaeva Project team Leader, Ph. D., Associate Professor. Organizers: Radinov A. K. Bekbaev Z. N. candidate of pedagogic Sciences, associate professors of the Department of professional training of Special education.

5. Conducting a course of lectures by leading foreign and domestic researchers of external scientific organizations

From 24.11.20 - 07.12.20 PhD, Maria Grzegorzewska Academy of Special Pedagogy (Poland, Warsaw) DIANA AKSAMIT gave lectures online to undergraduates and doctoral students of the specialty 7M 019 and 8D021-training of specialists in special pedagogy.