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 Autayeva Akbota Nursultanovna
Head of the Department of professional training in «Special pedagogy»
Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Associate professor
Tole bi st, 31


The Department of professional training in «special pedagogy» trains highly qualified specialists in this field.In 1976, the Faculty of Defectology of the Republic was opened in KazPI named after Abai. Since then, the department, having dropped a few years ago, continues its work with development, perfection both in structural and scientific terms. Due to the fact that the number of children with disabilities has been increasing in recent years, the need for training specialists in special pedagogy is increasing. So, since 2011, the Department of Special Education has trained about 1000 bachelors, about 200 masters and about 10 PhD highly qualified specialists. Specialists in the field of general and special education, scientists and managers who have been trained for almost half a century. The Department of professional training in «special pedagogy» is looking for purposeful young people from different regions of the country in order to develop this field. The Department provides training on three levels:


Bachelor`s degrees in the following specialties:

6B01901 - training of special teachers in sign language teaching

6B01902- training of special teachers in speech therapy

6В01903 - training of special teachers in Oligophrenopedagogy

6B01904 - training of special teachers in Typhlopedagogy

6B01905-training in special preschool pedagogy


Undergraduates in the specialty:

7M01902-training of special speech therapy teachers

7M01903 - training of special teachers in inclusive education

7M01901-training of special teachers in Sign language teaching


PhD students in the specialty:

8D01901 - training in special pedagogy

8D01902- training in special psychology


In order to increase the level of competitiveness of specialists, the department of professional training in «special pedagogy» has established international cooperation with a number of prestigious universities in the near and far abroad. These include: Maria Grzegorzewska Academy of Special Pedagogy. (Warsaw); Turkey (Gazi University, Ankara); Germany, University of Leipzig; German Academic Exchange Service DAAD; Russian State Pedagogical University. I. Herzen. (Saint Petersburg); Siauliai University (State of Lithuania); - Grodno State University. Yanki Kupala, Russian Federation; Tashkent State Pedagogical University named after Nizami; Kyrgyz State University named after him. I. Arabaev Kyrgyz State University (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan).


After completing this specialty, the student can work: Works in general education schools( inclusive education), special correctional educational institutions ( special school, boarding school, kindergarten, correctional centers and psychological, medical and pedagogical counseling).