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 Zhumabayeva Asia Eleupanovna
Primary education program manager
Doctor of pedagogical sciences, Professor
Tole bi st, 31
 8-701-963-00-28, 12-09


All activities of the department of vocational training of primary education programs are permeate with civic and social responsibility; professional, scientific and pedagogical training of highly qualified personnel is carry out at a high level according to a three-stage model:

5В010200 - «Pedagogy and methods of primary education» bachelor`s degree;

6M010200 - «Pedagogy and methodology of primary education» Master`s degree;

6D010200 - «Pedagogy and methods of primary education» preparation of doctors of philosophy (PhD).


In the direction (bachelor`s degree) 6B013-Preparation of teachers without subject specialization - training is carried out in 4 educational programs:

6B01302 - Primary education with business innovation;

6B01303 - Primary education with information and communication technologies (can be a digital teacher with basic information competencies in primary school);

6B01304 - Primary education with multilingualism (multilingual primary school teacher);

6B01306 - Primary education in English.


In the direction (magistracy), 7M013 - Training of teachers without subject specialization - training is carry out in two educational programs:

7М01301 - Pedagogy and methods of primary education (scientific and pedagogical) - 2 years.

7M01302 - Primary education (profile) - 1 year.


In the direction 8D013 - Training of teachers without subject specialization: according to the educational program 8D01301 - Pedagogy and methods of primary education, scientific and pedagogical training of PhD doctors is carried out for the primary education system with high professional and research skills in scientific and pedagogical activities.


Currently, 4 doctors of pedagogical sciences, professors, 8 candidates of sciences, associate professors, 1 candidate of sciences, senior lecturer, 2 doctors of philosophy (PhD), 11 masters of sciences, senior lecturers work in the department of vocational education for primary education programs.


The faculty of the Primary Education Training Department consists of highly qualified specialists who known in their field of knowledge throughout the country. They are the authors of textbooks and teaching aids for universities, the authors of textbooks and educational-methodical complexes for secondary schools of our republic.


The results of research work of the teaching staff used in lectures, laboratory, and practical classes.


The department of primary education programs is constantly working in accordance with the updating of the educational system of the country and meeting the requirements of international organizations in the field of education.


The department of vocational training for primary education carries out various social and educational activities. Students of the Department of Professional Primary Education take an active part in the annual republican scientific student conferences, university, city, regional and republican Olympiads, and win prizes.


The classrooms and offices of the vocational training department in primary education are equipped with new equipment, information tools, computers, interactive whiteboards in accordance with the qualification requirements for the organization of training and the requirements of the state general education standard.