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 Kozhagulov Tokkozha Mukazhanovich
The director of Institute of arts, culture and sport
Candidate of pedagogical sciences, professor, Member of the Union of Artists of Kazakhstan, Laureate of the Youth Prize
Ualikhanov str., 64A

 Berikbol Rakhat Rahmetollauly
Deputy Director for Academic Affairs
Ualikhanov str., 64A

 Baigutov Karim Alimkhanuly
Deputy director for science and international relations
PhD doctor
Ualikhanov str., 64A

 Akhmetova Gulzhazira
Deputy director for educational and scientific work
Master of pedagogical sciences
Ualikhanov str., 64A


Mission - to train qualified, honest, demanding, motivated, able to adapt to the consumer market, capable and mobile professionals.


Vision - training, development and education of a person who is able to work successfully in any country in the world and to show their creative potential in the context of the diversity of modern society.


The Institute of Arts, Culture and Sports of Abai KazNPU is the successor to the graphic arts faculty of the Abai KazPI - the first and, until recently, the only specialized educational institution in the field of professional art education in the Republic of Kazakhstan.


For more than forty years since its foundation in 1969, GAF has been training specialists with professional, creative and scientific potential.


The Institute includes: five Chairs, "Сhair of design", "Сhair of Art Education", "Сhair of Music Education and Choreography", "Сhair of Basic Military Training", "Сhair of Physical Culture and Sports". 35 study rooms; four computer classes; one оrchestra; four audience vocals; four instrumental audience; two hall of choreography; two sports hall; one platz.


Currently, the institute has 1207 students, 61 undergraduates and 7 doctoral students. And 6 international masters of sports, 24 masters of sports, 50 candidates for masters of sports study within the walls of the institute.


At the institute, the teaching staff is represented by 117 highly qualified teachers: 2 doctors of pedagogical sciences, 1 professor of the Higher Attestation Commission, 10 academic professors, 21 candidates of pedagogical sciences, 8 associate professors of the Higher Attestation Commission, 1 candidate of art history, 1 candidate of philosophical sciences, 1 PhD doctor, 9 academic associate professors, 43 members of the Union of Artists of the USSR and the Republic of Kazakhstan, 2 members of the Union of Designers of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 1 Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 8 holders of the title of "Cultural Worker" of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 3 members of the Union of Craftsmen, 3 laureates of youth and republican prizes, 1 laureate of the youth prize of the Kazakh SSR, 2 laureates of the Daryn prize ", 43 members of the Union of Artists and the Union of Designers of Kazakhstan.


The institute trains artists, musicians, choreographers, designers, physical education and basic military training teachers. Creative works of teachers and students of the Institute can be found not only in republican galleries, but also in private collections in Sweden, Turkey, France, Korea, USA, Russia, Czech Republic, Canada, Oman, Malaysia, India and many other countries. The students of the Institute are laureates of Republican and International competitions. There is a folklore ensemble of students specializing in "Music Education" and "Choreography".


Educational programs. The Institute trains personnel in 17 educational programs for bachelor`s, 10 master`s and 5 doctoral studies.





6B01401-Basic military training

7М01403-Art education

8D01403-Art education

6В01408- Basic military training -Physical culture and Sports

7М01404-Teacher of physical culture and sports

8D01401-Basic military training

6B01404-Teacher of physical culture and sports

7M01401-Basic military training

8D01402-Music education

6В01402-Music Education

7М01402-Music education

8D01402-Music (double degree: jointly with Akdeniz University, Antalya, Turkey)

6В01403-Art education

7М01402-Music (double diploma)

8D01404-Physical education and sports

6B01405-Professional education



6B02120-Design. Graphic design

7M02120-Design. Graphic Design



7M02119-Design. Architectural Design


6B02119-Design. Architectural design

7M02118-Design. Fashion Design


6B02118-Design. Fashion Design



6B02117-Decorative Arts: Textile Design



6B02117-Decorative arts: Artistic wood processing and jewelry art






6B02113-Art (Painting)






6В02121-Performing art: Pop vocal



6B02116-Art History