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Scientific-methodical complex: School- College-University  includes structural units, which are aimed at the realization of the main objectives of SMC.

         SMC includes:

- Advisory Council, which provides organizational and managerial functions of SMC.

- Board of Mentors, aimed at the development of a mentoring system that includes all the links and SMC as a whole, contributing to the integration and implementation of the dual-oriented training in the school, college and university.

- Council of Educators - a structural unit, ensuring the realization of educational objectives SMC activities.

- Psychologist operates in conjunction with the Council of Educators and provides the conditions for productive functioning of psychological services of all parts of SMC, substantive and technological components of the dual-oriented psycho-pedagogical training in links SMC.

- Board of Researchers, whose work is aimed at enhancing the research activities at all levels of SMC.


Head of the Chair  Doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor Abdigapbarova U.M. presented the heads of structural divisions of SMC:

- Chairman of the Board of teachers - Doctor of pedagogical sciences, Professor Khan N.N.;

- Chairman of the Board of Psychologists - Doctor of pedagogical sciences, Professor Sangilbaev O.S.;

- Chairman of the Board of mentors - Doctor of pedagogical sciences, Professor Turgunbayeva B.A.;

- Chairman Council researchers - Doctor of pedagogical sciences, Professor Abssatova M.A.


Director of the Humanitarian-pedagogical college №2 Duanabayeva B.Ch. presented to teachers who are part of the above councils. Among them - the deputy director for scientific and methodical work Chinyukina O.V., the deputy director  for educational and  practice Nurbayeva K.A., deputy director for educational work Shelaeva I.S., psychologist Nicholskaya T.S. and etc.

Acting director of the gymnasium №132 Zubkova T.V. presented teachers - members of the above-mentioned boards: Deputy Director for Research and Methodology work Protaschik S.V., deputy director for  educational and academic work Kompantseva I.A., deputy director for educational work Bazhenova V.V., the head of the design and creative activity of schoolchildren Shein V.N., psychologist Dyusembayeva D.S. and etc.