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Directorate of Registration (Office of the Registrar) - Academic Service, which oversees compliance with academic policies and procedures, provides the organization of the control of knowledge, the registration of the history of educational achievements and the calculation of the academic ranking of students.


The Office registration includes:

- front Desk enrolled full-time students;
- front Desk students of correspondence courses.


The main objectives Office of the Registrar are:

- preparation and monitoring compliance with the academic calendar;
- organization of the process of registration and re-registration of students in the academic disciplines;
- control of the individual educational plans of students;
- organization of the system of control of educational achievements of students;
- calculation of the academic rankings of students;
- registration the history of educational achievements of students;
- ensure the accuracy and confidentiality of records of their students, the safety statements control of knowledge of students;
- analysis of the academic performance of sessions, the final certification, test students` knowledge
- relationship with teachers and advisors;
- the organization of the summer term to meet the needs of additional training, the elimination of academic debts and differences in educational programs;
- conducting training documentation in accordance with the loan program and the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system;
- providing accurate academic information of students, teachers and administrative staff of the University, MES.



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