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To test the educational achievements of students, the following types of monitoring students` knowledge:

current control;
landmark control;
inspection control;

Current control progress,intermediate and final assessment of students are conducted in accordance with the approved terms of the academic calendar.



Current control - a systematic check of educational achievements of students, teacher training conducted during the academic period in accordance with the syllabus of discipline.

Monitoring the progress of students is carried out for each topic of discipline and includes the control of classroom knowledge (seminars and workshops for laboratory work) and extracurricular activities (homework, assignments IWS).

Evaluation of the current control (score ranking admission) the sum of estimates of the current control in the classroom and assessment intermediate control; (extracurricular activities).

With the current performance monitoring learning achievements of students are evaluated on a 100-point scale for each completed task (academic work in the classroom, handing homework, CDS, mid-term control). The final result of this calculation is applied to keep up to the sum of the arithmetic average of all grades received during the academic period.

A similar approach is used in the evaluation of educational achievements of students during the interim and final evaluation.

Records of the results of monitoring and assessment are carried out through regular registration academic achievements of students.

Changes in the results of monitoring in order to improve their are not allowed.


Landmark control - it is the control of educational achievements, initiated at the end of section (module) of one academic discipline. Carried out at least twice (at the 8th and 15th weeks of theoretical training) for one academic period in one learning disciplines.

The form of the current and landmark controls, depending on the specific discipline is established teacher. Current and boundary control can be carried out in the form of symposia, computer or blanks testing, written tests, assessment of students participate in debates, round tables, business games, solving case studies, etc.

When calculating the rating tolerance are necessarily considered estimates for the Protection of calculation and graphic, term papers, the syllabus. The complexity of coursework (projects) included in the total complexity of the discipline.

Assessment Rating admission is cumulative and consists of estimates of ongoing monitoring of progress and evaluation of boundary control (2 Landmark control for the semester). The student who receives less than 50% of the total semester of rating points, is not allowed to the examination session.

All types of current and landmark control and assessment of students conducting a training instructor (tutor). This estimate is at least 60% of the grade of knowledge on this subject matter. Score interim evaluation of students is at least 30% of the grade of knowledge on this subject matter. For carrying out the monitoring of students` knowledge, validity and objectivity of the boundary control is responsible teacher, leading classes.


Final control of students in order to assess the quality of their exposure to the discipline of the program is carried out according to the relevant instructions in the period of interim certification. If the discipline is studied for a number of academic periods, the final inspection is carried out on part of the discipline studied in the academic period.

Forms of final control:

  • Testing;
  • Oral exam;
  • A written exam;
  • Differentiated assessment.

The form and procedure of the examination in each academic discipline is established not later than one month from the beginning of the academic period.

Students must pass all the exams in strict accordance with an individual educational plan for the approved curriculum disciplines common to all forms of education.

Students must pass all the exams in strict accordance with an individual educational plan for the approved curriculum disciplines common to all forms of education.

 To carry out the final control of students` knowledge examiner registration department issued a statement of examination admission ranking points obtained by a student during the academic period. The values ​​obtained in the exam, both positive and the unsatisfactory, entered the examiner in the examination sheet. The results of the exam, according to academic records are entered by Methodist-registrar in the Intranet within 48 hours after the exam.

In carrying out the interim assessment on a subject considered the estimate obtained in the exam and the average evaluation score ongoing monitoring of progress during the academic period. After completing the examination in each discipline a student exhibiting the final assessment, which serves as an evaluation of its educational achievements. The final grade for the discipline of admission includes evaluation of rating and total control of knowledge (examination).

 Positive overall assessment, the additions set number of loans disbursed loans of the relevant discipline and recorded in the student`s transcript.

If a student receives an interim certification (exam) rated "unsatisfactory", the final assessment of the discipline is not counted.

 Retaking a positive assessment by the final control with the aim of improving in the same period of interim certification is not allowed. For a positive assessment of the student in the next academic term or semester in the summer again visits all kinds of studies, provided a working curriculum in the discipline, is admitted and delivers final control. In this case, the student is in the process re-recording on school discipline.

If the student who made the program discipline in its entirety, did not appear for the exam in the academic records against his name the note "did not come." If there is a valid reason for this training set an individual schedule the exam. In the absence of good cause for failure to attend an exam is equivalent to the evaluation of "unsatisfactory".

Academic records transferred to the front desk to offset the number of credits in various academic disciplines covered the academic period and the formation of the interim consolidated statement of certification.

 Admission to the examinations carried out in two stages:

1) In the first stage the general order of the Dean of the Faculty (Director of the Institute), made ​​the admission to the examination session, students are not in arrears in the payment of tuition, academic arrears prerequisites that are not on leave or long-term care;

2) In the second stage, the automatic admission to the examination in the discipline on the basis of evaluation rating of admission, as determined by the results of current and boundary control of progress. This approval is carried out by the department of registration of academic records with the appropriate mark opposite the name of each student.

Students who do not have a positive evaluation rating tolerance for this subject are not allowed to the final control (examination).

Students who do not pass the course work (projects) are not allowed for the examination of the relevant discipline.

In some cases (due to illness, family and professional reasons) students are allowed to surrender examinations on an individual schedule.