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Department for Educational, Social Work and Youth Policy
 Bekbenbetova Kazyna Asanovna
Deputy Director of the Department of Educational, Social Work and Youth Policy

Dostyk ave., 13, Office 300


Abai University strives to create an effective development environment for the education of students with a high level of national identity, an active civic position, responsible for the development of the intellectual potential of the nation.

The main creative work of Abai University will be the concept of Abaya "full Man", which consists of three components: bright mind, warm heart, hot energy.In his wise work, "three things are the qualities of a person: a bright mind, a warm heart, and a hot heart", he confirms that the bright mind and hot energy of a person need a good heart.

The great Kazakh poet and educator Abay considers these three concepts in unity and believes that the first two qualities should obey the heart.

Abay`s formula about a fully developed personality - "a perfect person" will become the key idea of the concept of personality formation "Tolyk Adam".

The holistic perception of the three components of the concept "Tolyk adam ""nurly akyl", "zhyly zhurek", "ystyk kairat" contributes to the formation of teachers of a new formation with hig. Through the knowledge of the wisdom of the words of edification of Abay Kunanbayev, his formula "Tolyk Adam", we will create a new model of national education, the basis of which will be the concept of personality formation "Tolyk Adam".h moral qualities, striving for constant self-improvement.

Educational work at the university is implemented at the following levels: at the level of the university, institute, department, mentors, student groups.

The vice-rector for educational work and social development (link) carries out the organization and management of the educational process.

The Department of Educational, Social Work and Youth Policy coordinate the educational work of the University.

One of the innovative forms of educational work is the Mentoring System.

In order to instill a high corporate culture and ensure an adequate psychological climate at the university:
- The Code of Ethics of students and undergraduates and the Code of Ethics of the teaching staff and staff of Abai KazNPU.
- The «Legal Literacy» decade is held annually.

In order to promote inter-ethnic harmony, cultivate tolerance, improve religious literacy and prevent extremism and terrorism:

- Created a lecture group from among the theologians, educators and psychologists;
- The «Decade of Religious Literacy» is organized annually.


The university uses a wide range of social support for students: students (undergraduates) belonging to the socially vulnerable category are given discounts on tuition from 15% to 50%, orphan students receive one-time financial assistance at the expense of the university. Disabled students are provided with free medical care during the school year. There are 5 hostels, 5 canteens on the balance of the university.


The university focuses on the development of mass sports among students and the formation of a healthy lifestyle. In order to attract students to mass sports, there is a 400 m2 gym and a 600 m2 playing hall, and the Spartak sports complex has 5,000 seats.


Normative documents:

1. Plans
3. Reports
4. Our projects
5. Events dedicated to the 175th anniversary of Abay
6. Mentoring system (appointment order)
7. The Code of Ethics of students and undergraduates of KazNPU. Abaya
8. The Code of Ethics of teaching staff and employees of KazNPU. Abaya
9. The concept of education of student youth of the Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abai