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 Dildabek Didarbek Zhumagaliuly
Director of the Department for Educational, Social Work and Youth Policy

Kazybek bi str., 30/1, Office № 5
 291-90-14, 87473049788

 Tauekel Aknur Ganizhanovna
Deputy Director of the Department for Educational, Social Work and Youth Policy

Kazybek bi str., 30/1 Office № 9


Abay`s formula: a bright mind, a kind heart and burning energy


Abai University strives to create an effective developmental environment to educate students with a high level of national identity, active citizenship, responsible for the development of the nation`s intellectual potential.


Abai University`s educational work is based on Abai`s concept of «Tolyk adam», which consists of three components: a bright mind, a kind heart and burning energy. Abai states in his wise saying «Tolyk adamynyn kasieti: nurly akyl, zhyly zhurek, ystyk kairat» that apart from a bright mind and burning energy a person needs a kind heart. The great Kazakh poet and enlightener considers these three notions as a unity and believes that the first two qualities should be subordinated to the heart.


Abai`s formula of a well-rounded person, the «perfect man» - is the key idea of the concept of personality formation «Tolyk adam». The holistic perception of its three components, i.e. «nurly akyl», «zhyly zhurek», «ystyk kairat», facilitates the formation of the new formation of educators with high moral qualities seeking constant self-improvement. We will create a new model of national education based on the concept of «Tolyk adam» through the knowledge of the wisdom of the words of Abai and his formula for the development of man.

Educational work in the university is implemented at the following levels: at the level of the university, institute, department, tutors, student groups. The organization and management of the educational process is carried out by the Vice-Rector for Social Development. One of the innovative forms of educational work is the «Mentoring system». In order to instill a high corporate culture and ensure an adequate psychological climate in the university adopted a Code of Ethics for students and undergraduates and Ethical Code of Ethics for faculty and staff of Abai KazNPU. A «Legal Literacy» decade is also held annually. In order to promote interethnic harmony, education of tolerance, religious literacy and prevention of extremism and terrorism, a group of lecturers from theological scientists, teachers and psychologists is created, and a «Decade of Religious Literacy» is organised annually.


Integrated action plan to support educational, social work and youth policy for the academic year 2023/2024


Regulations on the order of granting discounts on tuition fees to students of "Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University" non-profit joint-stock company

Rules of accommodation of students and other persons in dormitories of "Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University" NJSC