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 Taghibay Meruert Muratovna
Head of the Department of Youth Creativity

Kazybek bi str., 30/1, Office №10


The Youth Creativity Division is a structural subdivision of the Department of Educational, Social Work and Youth Policy of Abai KazNPU. Its purpose is - to develop the spiritual capabilities of students, increase the cultural and spiritual qualities of students, and organize events to unlock the creative potential of student youth. Supporting the creativity of talented youth, focusing on the active participation of students in public works, the development of aesthetic preferences, and increasing social activity. In addition, it provides for the effective use of students` free time, the development of progressive thinking of young people with new approaches.


The objectives of the Department of Youth Creativity are:

- long-term and current planning and implementation of the creative process of the university;

- formation of an effective university environment for students through measures aimed at fostering responsibility, hard work, patriotism, high spiritual values;

- organization and implementation of a set of measures;

- formation of aesthetic and cultural values among students, development of creative potential of young people;

- establishing contacts with the city, regional administration, departments, other initiative organizations;

- strengthening the internal and external image of the university;

- formation of amateur groups promoting national art among young people;

- providing creative students with active participation in public life, cultural events of the university, increasing confidence in their capabilities.


Activities of the department of youth creativity:

- carrying out intra-university activities in all areas of educational work in accordance with the plan;

- organization of work on the prevention of offenses in the student environment, in particular, on the prevention of bad habits, HIV infection, the spread of drugs, etc.;

- organization and holding of activities on the university aimed at the formation of patriotic, civil, ecological education, high morality and morality, legal culture, interfaith tolerance, as well as the development of comprehensive interests and abilities;

- the formation of a socially competent person capable of self-realization, self-development, high creative ability, feeling responsibility and wanting to benefit society;

- work with young people of creative groups, dance ensemble, vocal and instrumental ensemble, studios, vocalists, student theater;

- provision of events within the walls of the university with musical apparatuses and light, assistance in organizing events in order to unlock the creative potential of young people;

- organization of seminars, trainings, conferences, meetings, open lectures, etc. on topics related to educational work.