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Youth and science in the 21st century


On April 9, 2021, the group FEC207 of the Physics Department of the Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics conducted online debates in the frameworks of the Month of Science with participation of the Director of the Institute M.Zh.Bekpatshaev.

The purpose of the event - to support scientific research of future young scientists, discuss possible ways and means of involvement of talented young people in scientific activities and familiarization with works of Kazakh world-renowned scientists on their way to science.

The moderator was Sultanova Kundyz, the group adviser. 1st year students Seytmakhan Balsaya, Serik Altyn and Suran Oralbay actively helped to organize the debates.

Director of MFII Bekpatshayev M.Zh. made a welcoming speech. Teachers of the Physics Department Alieva M.E. and Myrzatay M.M. took part in the debate,

Teaching staff and students discussed topical problems, development and prospects of physical science in the country and in the world.







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