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According to the WORKSHOP program training of managers in the field of education


The state program for the development of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2020 sets tasks to improve management in education on «Education management», including the introduction of corporate governance principles, the formation of a system of public-private partnership in education. That is, the training of managers in the field of education.

In this regard, on April 9, 2019, at the Department of General pedagogy there was held a seminar «Training of managers in the field of education» WORKSHOP.

Purpose: formation of professional competence of managers of higher education.

It was attended by the head of Department of «Management and human resources management in education» ofHerzen Russian state pedagogical University, doctor of pedagogical Sciences, Professor Vladimir D., Professor Sergei Trapitsyn, Director of the school № 159 Ayagul Mirazova, Director of the Institute of pedagogy and psychology Professor Berikan Almuhambetov, Deputy Director on scientific work and international relations Bagdad Marinov, Vice-rector on educational work, Asan Satmirzaev, Vice-rector on scientific work and international cooperation Aktolkyn Kulsarieva and teachers of the Department, doctoral students, undergraduates.

The seminar ended with a discussion. Then the head of the department Aigerim Kusherbayeva thanked undergraduates and doctors for participating in this event.





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