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Online meeting of the project Team in the direction of training teachers/teachers with a subject specialization in General development
(fundamentals of law and Economics)


On December 24, 2020, within the framework of the activities of the EMA-PMG in the field of education, «Pedagogical Sciences» REMC of MES RK on the basis of Abai KazNPU, a sectional online meeting of the Project team to train teachers / educators with subject specialization of general development (law and economy) on «Modern Teacher Education: content, experience, technology» was held. Participants - regional representatives of higher education institutions, academic institutions and employers`associations in the country.


The information about the work done was reported by the project managers, employees of the Department of Law of the Institute of History and Law of Abai KazNPU - Associate Professor L.I. Zhazylbek, Associate Professor N.V. Kalkaeva and Senior Lecturer A.N. Kazieva.


Issues of implementation of updated content of training of teachers of a new formation, development of mechanisms and implementation of dual training, and work on the establishment of methodological centres/study rooms for training of teachers of basic law and economics were discussed. Senior teacher of the South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University G.B. Isataeva and associate professor K.H. Shadiev, director of the Kazakh State University «Lyceum 178» of Almaty, made report on exchange of the experience.


Summing up the meeting, its participants prepared a resolution:
1) to open in regional schools methodical centres/rooms for professional development and exchange of experience of teachers of legal and economic bases, introduction of new technologies and teaching methods in order to intensify cognitive activity of schoolchildren, development of their creative thinking and independence;
2) to implement the objectives of EP to establish cooperation with academic organizations, to ensure the active participation of employers in coordination of the list of elective disciplines, supervision of professional practice, review of programmes and developments of teaching staff of the Department of Jurisprudence of the Institute of History and Law named after Abai KazNPU.





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