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An exhibition of the scientific achievements of law students


The winged expression «The future of a country without science is vague», expressed centuries ago by the great scientist Al-Farabi, remains relevant today. After all, education and science are the most important spheres of society; a country that fails to develop them will be at a dead end.


The structure of educational institutions, the availability of students and the direction of their spiritual and intellectual development greatly depend on the fact that the development of science is supplemented by various social institutions, programs and methods of transmission and assimilation of scientific information.


From April 4 to 14, 2022, in Abai KazNPU, conferences, round tables, competitions, Olympiads and other scientific activities are held in all institutes, all teachers, doctoral students, undergraduates and students are actively involved in it.


One of the memorable events of the decade was an exhibition of achievements of members of the «Zanger» club of the Jurisprudence Department of the Institute of History and Law, which was held on 6-7 April 2022. The Vice-rector on scientific work of the university, professor E.A. Buribayev, the head of the chair B.M. Koshpenbetov and the head of the club «Zanger» G.B. Meirbekova took part in organization of the exhibition.


So, in 2020-2022 there were two students who won the contest «The Best Master student» in Kazakhstan and CIS, 18 - «The Best student», five - «The Best Young Scientist». Among them 4th year students Azhykurman Aruzhan, Askar Kamila, Izturgan Aibek, Bakdauletov Madi, Koblandina Aruzhan, Tazhibay Zhansaya, Kazhykerey Ayazhan, Samat Naila, Orynbay Nurgazy, Turganzhanov Aziz, Narman Botakoz, Dauletkhanova Ainur and 3rd year students Asan Akzhuldyz Nurtugan Orynsha, Suyun Asem, Bekhan Nurdaulet.


The exhibition showed that these years were successful in science for both the Jurisprudence Department and the Zanger Student Club. Collections of articles published at international, national conferences and round tables are among the exhibits.


Such events encourage young people to engage in research work, write scientific articles and defend them, so we can say that the exhibition dedicated to the scientific achievements of students has achieved its goal.





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