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Students of EP "6В04202-Law" showed a high level of knowledge


Students of 2-3 courses of educational programme "6В04202- Jurisprudence" of the Department of Jurisprudence of the Institute of History and Law took part in the International Subject Olympiad, which was held in the Kazakh Abylai Khan University of International Relations and World Languages on March 5 2023, where they showed a high level of knowledge and won prizes.


Our students solved test tasks on disciplines of the theory of state and law and constitutional law, and also perfectly coped with case tasks on disciplines of criminal law and criminal procedure, civil law and civil procedure and made, guided by norms of laws, the correct decision.


We express our gratitude to the teachers of these disciplines Meirbekova G.B., Kasymbek A.O., Kenjibekova E.P., Rakhimova G.N., Belhojaeva D.J. and Moldahmetova J.E. for the excellent training of our students and congratulate with the next achievement! We are proud and wish new successes.



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