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Festive event "Beibitshilik - el tiregi" in honor of the  Day of Unity of the People of Kazakhstan


The lecturer of the Department of "Jurisprudence" of the Institute of History and Law Kuralai Turlyhankyzy with the participation of students of the 2nd year of the educational program "Jurisprudence: judicial and prosecutorial" held a festive educational event on the theme "Beibitshilik - el tiregi", dedicated to the Day of Unity of the People of Kazakhstan.


The goal is to promote peace, unity of the people, common values, education of respect for each other among representatives of all ethnic groups living in multinational Kazakhstan.

The event was attended by the deputy director of the Institute of History and Law for educational work N.T.Manapov, head of the Department "Jurisprudence" Zh.Yu.Sailibayeva and teachers of the department. They congratulated the students on the upcoming holiday and wished them success not only in their studies, but also in other aspects of student life.





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