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Future lawyers visited the Institute of forensic examinations in Almaty

On April 24, 2023 the 2nd and 3rd year students of the speciality 6В04201- Jurisprudence: court and prosecutor activity and 6В04202- Jurisprudence visited Institute of judicial examination in Almaty and got necessary knowledge for their education and future work within the practical training.


In accordance with article 240 of the CPC of the RK the expertise is appointed in cases where the circumstances relevant to the case can be obtained as a result of examination of case materials conducted by the expert on the basis of special scientific knowledge. Availability of such knowledge to other persons involved in criminal proceedings shall not release the person conducting the criminal proceedings from the necessity to appoint an expert examination in appropriate cases. Forensic examination is a type of forensic activities and is a study conducted in criminal, civil or administrative cases, during which, based on the application of scientific knowledge (specially developed techniques) by a forensic expert, the features and properties of the objects of research are identified, their scientific evaluation and interpretation is made to formulate new, not previously known in the process of forensic evidence inference knowledge.



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