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 Tukebaeva Saulet Amanzholovna
Head of the Office of «Professional Practice, Career and Employment»
Magister of Science in Education, Senior Lecturer
Tole bi str., 31

 Daurambekova Assiya Abenovna
Manager of the Office of «Professional Practice, Career and Employment»
Magister of Psychology, Senior Lecturer
Tole bi str., 31

 Ibryaeva Magripa Kurmanbekovna
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Senior Lecturer
Manager of the Office of «Professional Practice, Career and Employment»
Tole bi str., 31


The main purposes of the Office are:
1) study of the trajectory of professional qualification and social promotion of graduates, teachers and other employees of the Institute;
2) creating conditions for personal and professional growth of graduates and employees of the Institute;
3) increasing the mobility and competitiveness of the Institute`s graduates in the labor market;
4) expanding the framework of the social partnership system with the participation of all subjects of the sphere of educational activity, developing measures and mechanisms aimed at improving the system «preschool organization-school-university-employer»;
5) formation of students holistic view of pedagogical activity, pedagogical systems and structures of educational organizations.


The tasks of the Office are:
1) study of the demand and supply available in the market of psychological and pedagogical work, providing them to university graduates;
2) conducting research that promotes the promotion of graduates in the labor market in order to improve the regional, national program of targeted training of psychological and pedagogical personnel, improve the quality and determine the system of internship practice;
3) activation of work on the formation of contractual and partnership relations with subjects of educational activity of various forms of ownership, local government bodies-akimats in order to expand the framework of social partnership, employment of graduates of the Institute at all levels of educational activity, the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
4) introduction of new forms of interaction of the University with executive authorities, educational and cultural institutions, including industrial enterprises, to solve socio-economic problems aimed at social support of students and graduates of the university;
5) expansion of social partnership, strengthening of the institute`s relations with schools, other educational organizations, production and science;
6) improving the understanding of advanced educational technologies, studying the achievements of pedagogy and the current state and the educational process as a whole.


The functions of the office
1) Employees of the Office assist in giving advice to students: on the issues of their employment, interpersonal relations, personal growth and self-determination, preparation of professional resumes and other documents.
2) Employees of the Office, in the areas of psychological and pedagogical practice and employment, give advice to students, graduates: on the conditions for choosing a profession, the direction of professional activity, career planning.
3) The employees of the Office, on issues of informatization, are assigned the task of implementing activities aimed at familiarizing students with the content of educational programs of additional education, reference materials about vacancies available at enterprises, placing advertisements and advertisements about their activities, the activities of the Office on the University website and on the stands of «Career», highlighting the activities of the Department at meetings of SOP.
4) Employees of the Office organize all types of practice: educational, pedagogical, industrial (pre-graduate).
5) Employees of the Office conclude contracts for conducting professional practices, memoranda of cooperation with enterprises and educational organizations, in order to employ graduates.
6) Employees of the Office distribute student interns to the practice bases, prepare draft orders for sending students to professional practice.
7) Employees of the Office coordinate the activities of all methodologists involved in the organization and conduct of professional practice.
8) Employees of the Office fill out a statement on the remuneration of employees of educational institutions and other organizations involved in conducting professional practice.