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The Institute of natural science and geography in its development adheres to the principles of green economy and sustainable development goals. In addition to the development of fundamental research in the fields of chemistry, biology, geography and ecology, the scientists of the institute research and develop innovative approaches and methods that contribute to the integration of sustainable development principles into educational programs and practice.


The main scientific directions of the Institute:

- Ensuring quality lifelong education for all

- Promote sustainable agricultural development

- Promoting urban resilience

- Measures to combat climate change and its consequences

- Promoting sustainable economic growth, full employment

- Promoting a healthy lifestyle

- Protection, restoration of terrestrial ecosystems and promotion of their rational use, combating desertification, land degradation, stopping the process of loss of biological diversity.


Currently, 11 doctors of science, 47 candidates of science, 16 PhD doctors work at the Institute.


Over the past 3 years, lecturers have prepared and published 23 textbooks, 51 educational, teaching aids, 8 monographs in Kazakh, Russian and English. Over the past 3 years, 123 articles have been published in journals with impact factors (Thomson Reuters, Scopus), 143 articles in journals recommended by the MSHE.   


Since 2020, at the Institute of natural science and geography, scientists have been working on 1 international project with Okayama University (Japan), 8 projects funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan and 6 projects funded by the rector of Abai KazNPU.


International projects of the institute of natural science and geography


Full name of the head, academic title, position

Name of the project

Research group


Kaimuldinova Kulyash Duisenbaevna, d.g.s., professor


 «Promoting Teacher Education for Climate Change Education through Collaboration between Asian Centres of Excellence on Education for Sustainable Development»)

(Okayama University, Japan)

1.Abdimanapov B.Sh.

2.Muzdybayeva K.K.

3.Shakirova N.D.

4.Aliaskarov D.T.

5.Amanbayeva M.B.

6.Zhumagulova K.A.


Projects of the Institute of natural science and geography, funded by the MSHE of the RK


Full name of the head, academic title, position

Name of the project

Research group


Aliaskarov Duman Toktarovich,

senior lecturer, PhD


IRN AP14870750

Creating a conceptual basis for effective models of sustainable development of small towns of Zhambyl region (2022-2024 yy.)

1.Kaimuldinova K.D.

2.Laiskhanov Sh.U.

3.Muzdybayeva K.K.

4.Ussenov N.E.

5.Raiymbekova I.

6.Iskakova R.

7.Bakanov N.G.

8.Salimzhanov N.O.


Laiskhanov Shakhislam Uzakbaevich, PhD


IRN AP09260017 « Studying the influence of soil salinity on the growth of corn in Otyrar district and developing a space-based method for predicting crop productivity»

(2021-2023 yy.)

1Myrzaly N.B.

2.Abikbayev E.R.

3.Askanbek A.A.

4.Smanov Zh.M.

5.Tulegenov E.

6.Poshanov M.


Ussenov Nurbol Ergeshovich,

Senior Lecturer, PhD


IRN №АP13067931 «Creating methodological bases for the use of digital geo-information technologies in the teaching of geography with updated content (on the example of upper classes» (2022-2024 yy.)

1.Laiskhanov Sh.U.

2.Aliaskarov D.T.

3.Myrzaly N.B.

4.Abikbayev E.R.

5.Issakov E.D.

6.Taukebayev O.Zh.

7.Kulmukhanova D.R.


Shakirova Nurzhanat Dalelovna,

senior lecturer, PhD


IRN AP14871476

"Implementation of sustainable development goals in training and retraining of geography teachers" (2022-2024 yy.)

1.Kaimuldinova K.D.

2.Abdimanapov B.Sh.

3.Muzdybaeva K.K.

4.Aliaskarov D.T.

5.Ussenov N.E.

6.Bakanov N.G.


Maimataeva Assiya Duisengaliyevna, senior lecturer, PhD


IRN AR14872059 «Methodological basis of formation of functional scientific literacy of students in accordance with PISA studies»

(2022-2024 yy.)

1.Karbayeva Sh.Sh.

2.Zhumagulova K.A.

3.Mukataeva Zh.S.

4.Amanbayeva M.

5.Horgasbai E.

6.Galymova N.


Beikitova Albina Nurakhmyatovna, senior lecturer, master


IRN АР 15473403 Methodological foundations for the formation of cartographic competence of future teachers of geography

(2022-2024 yy.)

Kaimuldinova K.D.

Scientific consultant


Seilkhan Ainur Seilkhankyzy,

Senior Lecturer,


IRN AP19178093

Study of the mechanisms of introduction of the green university concept to Kazakhstan`s higher educational institutions

(2023-2025 жж.)

Karbayeva Sh.Sh.

Scientific consultant


Tileuberdi Yerbol, PhD., Associate Professor


IRN № AP19175900 Obtaining liquid fuels from combustible minerals and reusing waste from this process (2023-2025 жж.)

Frank Behrendt


Scientific consultant


Projects of the Institute of natural science and geography, funded by the rector of Abai KazNPU


Full name of the head, academic title, position

Name of the project

Research group


Issakov E.


Organization of local studies activities by creating a structural model of formation of tourism-local studies competence of future geography teachers

(Abai KazNPU, 2022 y.)

1. Laiskhanov Sh.U.

2. Ussenov N.E.


Khorgasbai Enlik,

Senior lecturer, master


Methodological foundations in teaching geography trends in the development of agriculture in Kazakhstan

(Abai KazNPU, 2022 y.)



Khorgasbai Enlik,

Senior lecturer, master


Scientific and methodological foundations for the professional orientation of students in the natural science profession  (Abai KazNPU, 2023 y.)



Amanbayeva M.B.

Senior Lecturer,


Metagenomics as a tool for identification and molecular genetic characterization of new potentially dangerous microorganisms and viruses  (Abai KazNPU, 2021 y.)

1.Anarkulova E.I. - PhD student

2.Imangazy A.S. - PhD student


Amanbayeva M.B.

Senior Lecturer,


Methodological basis of integrating the results of fauna biodiversity research in the case of Ile-Balkash region into the educational process in the interest of sustainable development

(Abai KazNPU, 2023 y.)

Maimataeva A.D.


Almesh D.


"Introduction to thermodynamics", "Kinetics", "chemical equilibrium" sections, methodological recommendations for studying specialized schools according to the updated content of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

(Abai KazNPU, 2022 y.)

Suleymenova M.T.


Today, the Institute of Natural Sciences and Geography continues to cooperate with the following research institutes:

- Ybrai Altynsarin National Academy of Education;

- Institute of Metallurgy and Enrichment;

- Kazakh-Japanese Innovation Center;

- A.B. Bekturov Institute of Chemical Sciences;

- Institute of Combustion Problems;

- Institute of Green Chemical Technology "Greеntech";

- Institute of Botany and Phytointroduction;

- Institute of Geography and Water Security;

- D.V. Sokolsky Institute of fuel, catalysis and electrochemistry;

- Institute of Zoology (RSE on REM);

- RSE "Kazhydromet";

- Research and production enterprise "Antigen", etc.


The institute has dissertation councils for the defense and awarding of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in the areas:

1) 8D015 - Teacher training in science subjects (6D011300/8D01513 - Biology), 8D051 - Biological and related sciences (6D060700 / 8D05101 - Biology);

2) 8D015 - Training of teachers in natural sciences (6D011400/8D01515 - Geography) и 8D052 - Environment (6D060900/8D05203 - Geography);

3) 8D015 - Teacher training in science subjects (6D011200/8D01510 - Chemistry).