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 Aliaskarov Duman Askaruly
Head of the Chair
Senior Lecturer, PhD doctor
Kazybek Bi str., 30

The main activity of the chair «Geography and Ecology» is aimed at training highly qualified, competitive specialists in the field of geographic education and science, tourism and hospitality in the market of educational services.


The main cycle of the chair is represented by theoretical and practical classes in physical and economic geography, basic and specialized tourist disciplines.


Teachers of the chairs conduct training sessions for all undergraduate majors.

Staff of the chair except the training sessions are educational, social, methodical and scientific work with the students of the specialty (5B011600) «Geography», 5B060900 «Geography», 5B090200- «Tourism», 5В060800 - «Ecology», undergraduate specializations 6М011600 - «Geography», 6М060900 - «Geography», и PhD specializations 6D011600 - «Geography», 6D060900 - «Geography».


Professorial teaching staff of the chair of Geography and Ecology are: 31 teachers of these - 5 Doctors of Geography Science, 14 candidates of sciences and PhD candidates of Geography, Tourism and Pedagogy, 3 Professors of Kaz NPU named after Abai, 7 Masters of Geography.

Teaching staff with an advanced degree and the title of- 65,5%. The average age is 52 year.

At the chair of Geography, Ecology and Tourism there are 4 winners of the grant: «The best teacher of the University» - Abdimanapov B.Sh. and Kaimuldinova K.D., Bakirova K.Sh., Dzhusupova D.B.


Educational and methodical work. The faculty conducts a large amount of work in the preparation of textbooks and teaching aids for universities and general education institutions in Kazakhstan. A.S. Beisenova, K.D. Kaimuldinova, S.A. Abilmazhinova, B.Sh. Abdimanapov are the authors of textbooks of a new generation on the program of the updated content of secondary education.


Address: 30 Kazbek bi, Office 617, Almaty, 050010