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The purpose of the international cooperation work of «Geography and Ecology» department is:

- development of international relations in the field of education, academic exchange of teachers and students;

- conducting international seminars, conferences;

- inviting scientists and researchers from other countries for joint educational, methodological and scientific work.


The «Geography and Ecology» department has the following international contracts:

1. Institute of Geography of the University of Leipzig and the scientific Leibniz Institute for Geographical Research (Germany);

2. Lithuanian University of Education (Vilnius, Lithuania);

3. University of Warmia and Mazury (Poland, Olsztyn);

4. Károly Róbert College (Hungary);

5. Ili State Pedagogical University (Gulja, PRC);

6. Andijan State University (Uzbekistan);

7. Kokand State University (Uzbekistan);

8. Russian State Pedagogical University namad after A.I. Herzen (St. Petersburg, RF);

9. Educational University of the Academy of Sciences of Tourism of Georgia (Kutaisi);

10. National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine Uman State Pedagogical University named after Pavel Tychyn (Ukraine);

11. Baku State University (Azerbaijan);

12. Ferghana State University (Uzbekistan);

13. Ritsumeikan Asia-Pacific University, (Beppu, Japan)

14. Tashkent State Pedagogical University named after Nizami (Uzbekistan);

15. Kokand State Pedagogical University named after Mukimi, (Uzbekistan)

16. Termez State University (Uzbekistan);

17. Okayama University (Japan);