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Charter of the student self-government organization "Ayala"

Motto: "It is a duty to protect the planet, because there is no other!"


1. General regulations

1.1.  Organization of student self-government "Ayala" (hereinafter referred to as the ecoclub) was organized on 10.10.2022.

1.2. Organization works at the Institute of Natural Sciences and geography of Abai KazNPU, at the Department of geography and Environmental Protection. Address: 30, Kazybek bi, Almaty.

1.3. Organization carries out its activities in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and internal regulations and regulatory and methodological documents of the University.


2. The purpose of the organization and development of the organization

2.1. the organization was created with the aim of promoting the ideas and principles of sustainable development, forming an ecological worldview, conducting educational and research activities in the context of a green university.


3. Main tasks and their implementation


3.1. The main objectives of the organization:

- development of civic and social activity of students;

- mastering the skills of behavior and competent behavior in nature;

- transfer of experience of senior members to subsequent members of the organization;

- increasing the social activity of students in the field of environmental protection through volunteer and environmental activities;

- participation in scientific conferences and seminars, conducting research work of students together with schools;

- round tables, discussions, seminars, creative evenings;

- promotion of the organization`s activities in social networks, mass media, scientific journals;

- conducting socially significant events together with environmental and public organizations.


3.2. the authority of the organization to implement the main tasks:

- organization and conduct of events (environmental actions);

- issue of information leaflets, posters, bulletins;

- conducting research and projects;

- involvement of university students in ongoing events;

- shooting, editing and film rental;

- preparation of materials for mass media;

- holding exhibitions, meetings, excursions, hikes;

- collection and dissemination of generally relevant environmental information.


4. Main areas of activity: conservation and study of nature and the environment;

- Support of environmental initiatives of the youth of Almaty, Almaty region;

- organization of environmental events;

- interaction with other environmental organizations, state institutions (higher education institutions, schools, kindergartens).


Club name


Contact details of responsible persons


Ecological club "Ayala"

Bakirova K. Sh.


A. Aitbekovna


Zhumazhanov A. N.


Nurlybekkyzy A.


Isak A. A.

8777 232 29 03


8707 947 74 62


8747 444 13 28


8707 785 0418


8776 388 33 32