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 Kenzhebaev Gabit Kapezovich
Director of the Institute
Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of the National
Zhambyl 25, 5th floor, 501 office


Career Сenter is part of the Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abai and operates under the Charter KazNPU named after Abai. The activities of the  Center is to assist students in apprenticeship and the maximum possible employment of university graduates.


The main objectives of the Career Сenter:

- expansion of social partnership, to link the university with schools and other educational organizations, industry and science;

- promoting institutions and university departments in carrying out educational and professional (undergraduate) students practice;

- assisting students and graduates of the University in the career development and employment ;coordination of structural units of the University in direct employment of graduates;

- prediction of the structure of demand in the labor market based on an analysis of the labor market, determining the supply and demand of specialists in regional and professional qualification section.


Functions of the Career Сenter :

- ensure, in conjunction with institutes and faculties of planning, organizing and recording all types of practices ;

- in conjunction with the departments enter into a contract to conduct professional practices, memoranda on cooperation with companies and organizations with the purpose of employment of graduates;

- distributes conjunction with the departments of student teachers at bases practices, prepares draft orders to send students to professional practice;

- coordinates the activities of all departments involved in the organization and conduct of professional practice;of the orders for the payment of workers of educational institutions, and other organizations involved in the conduct of professional practice;

- establishes a connection with the ministries and departments, public organizations and institutions in order to identify the need for such specialists;

- create a computer database for graduates and potential employers and systematization of data in it;

- creating a database of vacancies upon the request of the MES and the Departments of Education of Kazakhstan regions, departments, institutions and enterprises with specific specializations necessary for the industry or region;organize and hold job fairs job vacancies;

-organizes the procedure for allocating graduates (personal distribution);

- monitors the degree of satisfaction of employerslevel of knowledge of graduates.