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The research work of the department is carried out in the following scientific applied and fundamental areas:

- Solution of boundary value problems for partial differential equations;
- Equations of mathematical physics and methods for solving physical problems;
- Application of special functions in solving differential equations;
- Mathematical modeling of physical processes;
- Numerical methods for solving differential equations;
- Numerical methods for solving inverse ill-posed problems and their applications;
- Numerical and approximate methods for finding solutions to boundary value problems for integro-differential equations.


Innovativeness of scientific projects

The teaching staff of the department actively participates in scientific projects of grant funding within the university and the CS MES RK, which are carried out on the basis of Abai KazNPU and other universities and research institutes


Relevance, novelty of Research work, uniqueness of scientific subjects

The topics of scientific directions of the teaching staff of the department are relevant, this is characterized by active publication activity in international foreign publications and journals with a non-zero impact factor.


Every year the chair publishes a collection of scientific papers and graduate students. 90% of students are actively involved in research work. The staff of the chair published his research works in the leading Kazakhstan and foreign editions. In an average year, each teacher publishes 6 scientififc - methodical works.


List of teaching staff who have upgraded their qualifications in 2021

List of teaching staff who received patents and copyright certificates in 2021

List of scientific articles published in the journals of Quality Assurance Committee for Education and Science in 2021

List of published monographs in 2021

List of articles published in the journals with the impact factor in 2021

List of publications of doctoral students in 2021

List of publications of graduate students in 2021