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The department of Pedagogy and methods of primary education carries out a permanent work aimed at expanding international relations in the field of education and innovative technologies. The department closely cooperates with educational organizations and scientific centers of the near and far abroad, such as: Moscow State Pedagogical University, Department of Preschool Pedagogy and Psychology; Special Academy named after Maria Grzegorzewska, Warsaw; University of Tamagawa, Tokyo; Ural State Pedagogical University, Yekaterinburg; Ilia Pedagogical University, the Pedagogical University of China, the Pedagogical Institute of the Kiev University named after B. Grinchenk, the Leipzig University (Germany, Berlin), the Dagestan Pedagogical University (Russia, Makhachkala), the Chechen Pedagogical University (Russia, Grozny), the Kazan Federal University (Russia), the Pedagogical Institute of Kiev University. B.Grinchenka (Ukraine), Elabuga Institute of Kazan Federal University (Russia), Orel State University named after I.Turgenev (Russia), Kazan (Volga region)Federal University, Perm state University of Humanities and education, Chuvash Pedagogical University Yakovlev.


The purpose of the Pedagogy and methods of primary education department for International Cooperation:
- development of international relations in the field of education, academic exchange of teachers and students;
- the use of international developments in the field of technology and content of education, the implementation of joint research projects with the Institute partners;
- holding international seminars, symposia, conferences;
- the invitation to joint educational, methodical and scientific work of scientists and researchers from other countries.

On December 5, an international educational foresight session «Child in the Network» was held on-line at the Institute of psychology and education of Kazan (Volga) Federal University and the Department of IPIP OF KazNPU.Abai`s. It was attended by students of 1-4 courses and 1st year undergraduates majoring in «Pedagogy and methodology of primary education» of our University. The objective of the foresight session was the formation of the future teachers and psychologists ecologicheskikh competencies and skills of psychological and pedagogical support of children in the modern information environment. The essence of the foresight session was to dive into the problem situation and realize their own competence and areas of growth. Team «Girls and Eugene» (Tkachev Alina, Evgeny Golikov, Irina Romenskaya, Irina Lagoda, Khalid Hasanov, Timoshina Oksana, Polina Wawrzenczyk, Setamou Dinara, Achilova Ogulcan) was awarded the Diploma of 1 degree in the League of pedagogical case studies International educational foresight-session «The Child in the network».

Team «Impulse» (Klimanova Sabine, Victoria Filatova, Natalia Belova, Charoeva Rufina, Ksenia Kirilova, Sambit Dinara, Abdullah Nazugum, Kadyrov Unel) won in the category «teamwork».

All participants Of the international educational Forsythe-session of the faculty (Zhumabaeva A. E., Kdirbaeva A. A., Ryabova E. V., Lebedeva M. T., Bekbayeva A., tazabekova A. S., Saduakas G. T., arynova G.) and students, students received certificates of qualification for the educational program of the international educational Forsythe-session «The Child in the Network» in the volume of 16 hours at the Institute of psychology and education of Kazan (the Volga region). The teachers of the Department participating in the foresight session were noted with gratitude from the Kazan Federal University.

In 2018, the courses of Professor from the University of Tamagawa (Japan) Moria Selji, invited to give lectures on the topic: «Formation of mathematical literacy of students of pedagogical specialties» for students, undergraduates and doctoral students of KazNPU. Abaya from 11.09.2018 to 07.10. 2018.

Guest lectures: Mehmet Guven, Mustafa Yildiz - Dr., Professor, Gazi University (Turkey) in October 2018. lectured for master students; doctor of pedagogical Sciences, Professor of Moscow state pedagogical University I. Yu. Rodin, Zemlyanskaya E. N., Dmitriev Yu. a. (Moscow, Russia) gave lectures, held workshops and seminars for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students on the issue of training for multilingual education.

Scientific consultant of doctoral dissertations Fatma Bikmaz - (Ankara University, Turkey) gave 30 hours of lectures. Subjects of lectures:

- theoretical basis of training future teachers to implement pedagogical diagnostics in modern primary school;
- pedagogical diagnostics as a phenomenon of the educational process in primary school;
- pedagogical conditions for improving the efficiency of training future teachers to use AIT in diagnostic activities;
- primary school teacher as a subject of pedagogical diagnostics.


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