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Tempus projects


TEMPUS is one of the European Union`s programmes which support the modernization of higher education in the Partner Countries of Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Western Balkans and the Mediterranean region, mainly through university cooperation projects.

Tempus provides support to consortia of institutions composed mainly of universities or university associations, as well as non-academic partners.



The overall objective of TEMPUS is to contribute to the creation of an area of cooperation in the field of higher education between the European Union and the Tempus Partner Countries.

The specific objectives of Tempus are as follows:

To promote the reform and modernisation of higher education in the Partner Countries;

To enhance the quality and relevance of higher education to the world of work and society in the Partner Countries;

To increase the capacity of higher education institutions in the Partner Countries and the EU, in particular their capacity to cooperate internationally and to continually modernise;




To assist them in opening up to the world of work and the society at large in order to:

-          overcome inter-country fragmentation in the area of higher education and inter-institutional fragmentation in the countries themselves;

-          enhance inter-disciplinary thinking and working within and between faculties and universitiesariety and trans-disciplinarily between university faculties;

-          enhance the employability of university graduates;

-          make the European Higher Education Area more visible and attractive to the world;

To foster the reciprocal development of human resources;

To enhance mutual understanding between the peoples and cultures of the EU and the Partner Countries.