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Scientific and research activity


    Theory and Methodology of Informatics Teaching and Informatisation of Education; Informatisation of Mathematics Education. STEM education, robotics and mechatronics.


    At the department, the students of the scientific school of the honorary head of the department, professor E.Y. Bidaibekov conduct research on the problems of teaching methods of informatics and the problems of the formation of informatization of education as a scientific and pedagogical direction of informatization of the society of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


    The scientific and methodological seminar «Informatization of education and problems of teaching» under the direction of E.Y.Bidaybekov functions at the department. This seminar discusses the issues: the development of methodological systems training robotics and mechatronics and methods of teaching such technologies at the mega level, the definition of systematic approaches to the informatization of universities in the project «Digital University» and the continuity of informatics and social development (especially science and technology production), its prospects, etc.


    The department conducts researches jointly with international scientific laboratory of problems of informatization of education and educational technologies. On the basis of the laboratory, there is cooperation between Abai KazNPU (Kazakhstan), KSPU named after I. V.P. Astafiev (Russia), University of Osijek (Croatia), Moscow State Pedagogical University (Russia) for the implementation of joint programs, scientific projects, research, international expertise of all stages of scientific research on the problems of digitalization of education, STEM education, as well as robotics and mechatronics.


    A research seminar-webinar «Information technologies and open education» is held jointly with Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University named after V. P. Astafyev.


    Graduate students and doctoral candidates of the department use equipment of national laboratory and engineering laboratories of the Institute of Mathematics, Institute of Information and Computing Technology, National Centre of Informatization, National Engineering Academy of Kazakhstan in writing their dissertations.


    The staff of the department work on projects, such as «Educational cluster platform «Mega-class» in the preparation of teachers in the globalization of education» (Project Manager G.B.Kamalova), «Mathematical heritage of Al-Farabi in the modern education» (Project Manager E.Y.Bidaybekov).


    The Department of Informatics and informatization of education annually organizes the International scientific-methodical conference «Mathematical modeling and information technologies in education and science».


    The chair closely cooperates with the following scientific organizations: Institute of Information and Computing Technology KC MES RK, the National Center of informatization, Institute of Mathematics and Mathematical Modeling MES RK, the Republican Institute for Advanced Training of managerial and scientific-pedagogical personnel of the education system, higher educational institutions of neighboring countries: Krasnoyarsk Astafiev State Pedagogical University. In CIS countries: Krasnoyarsk Astafiev State Pedagogical University, Omsk State Pedagogical University, Moscow City Pedagogical University, Ilets State University and abroad - Izmir University (Turkey), Pech University (Hungary), University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain), Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania), Tallinn University (Estonia), Vilnius Pedagogical University (Lithuania), Pedagogical University Kärnten/Viktor Frankl University (Austria).


    The teachers of the department have an active research work, the results of which are published in the journals included in the indexing system, such as Web of Science, Scopus, recommended by the Committee for Quality Assurance in Education and Science MES RK, as well as RSCI.


    The results of scientific and scientific-methodological activities of teachers of the department are embodied in monographs, textbooks and manuals, methodological developments. As a result of scientific research staff were published more than 170 articles, including articles in publications with an impact factor - 19, in magazines of near and far abroad - 24, in journals of CQAES MES RK - 41, in collections of reports of international conferences held in Kazakhstan - 59. In addition, five monographs and three textbooks were published.


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