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 Oshanova Nurzhamal Turashovna
Head of the Chair
Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor
Tole bi str, 86
 8-727-261-15-76; 8-701-655-48-28


The current Department of Computer Science and Informatization of Education was established in 1984 and was called the Department of Computational Mathematics and Differential Equations. The department was headed by the former rector of KazPI named after Abai, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of KazSSR, Professor K.A. Kasymov. Under his leadership, a team emerged, which included such outstanding scientists as Irkegulov Sh.T. (1915-1991), Zhanbyrbayev B.S. (1928-2007), Akhmetov M.Zh., Nakesbekov B.K., Goltser Ya.A., Medeuov E.U., etc. In 1987, the department was renamed the Department of Computer Science and Computer Engineering, and since 1993 it was renamed the Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, and then the Department of Computer Science and Informatization of Education.

From 1985 to 2020, the head of the department was Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor E.Y. Bidaibekov, founder of the national scientific school in the field of informatics and informatization of education.

Starting from October 2020, the department is headed by Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor N.T. Oshanova.

Today, the department provides continuous training of specialists in the field of educational and scientific Informatics in the following specialties:


Bachelor`s degree:
6В01507 - Informatics;
2 / 2
6В01508 - Informatics in English;
6В01509 - Informatics and Robotics;
6B06102 - Information systems.


Master`s degree:
7М01507 - Informatics;
7М01508 - Informatics in English;
7M06102 - Information systems.


Doctor`s degree:
8D01507 - Informatics;
8D06102 - Information systems.

Dual-degree Master`s program:
"Technology of digitalization of educational activities" (network form),
KazNPU named after. Abai and KSPU named after V. P. Astafyev (Russia, Krasnoyarsk).


Leader in the development of educational programs within the framework of the project "Strengthening the potential of teacher education" (planned to be implemented from 2023):
- Computer Science;
- Digital Pedagogy (Master`s degree).


The main research directions of the Department of Informatics and Informatization of Education:
- Theory and methodology of teaching computer science;
- Digitalization of education;
- Robotics and mechatronics;
- STEM approaches in education;
- Information systems;
- High technologies in education.