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 Kaishybekov Erkyn Bazargalievich
Head of Museum
Member of of the Union of Designers of Kazakhstan
Dostyk av. 13
 8-776- 761-51-11


Our university, which is the first educational institution in the Republic of Kazakhstan, was established in 1928. Last year we celebrated its 90th anniversary. The University`s historical museum was created much later, in 1998, just two decades ago. For the museum, this is a short period, but over the past period, staff managed to form a museum fund in which there are many interesting educational materials, in particular, about prominent personalities, government and public figures who were at the forefront of the University, such as S. Asfendiyarov, O. Zhandosov, A. Baitursynov, S. Seifullin. M. Auezov. The museum carefully preserves the documentary evidence of their glorious deeds, as well as their manuscripts and works.


In the years of the Great Patriotic War, M. Gabdullin and K. Suranganov studied and went to the war school. S. Shakirov, A. Kusayinov, R. Toktaev, K. Khamzin, L. Zholdasov, V. Bereusov. They received the high title of Hero of the Soviet Union; in our museum, there are photos of heroes.


Various archival materials, manuscripts and photos of people who put a lot of effort into the formation of the University after the Great Patriotic War, their contribution to the development and prosperity of the university is reflected in a separate exhibition. In the creation of this is a museum the staff of the Institute of Arts, Culture and Sports of our University took an active part.


Residents and schoolchildren of our city as well as foreign citizens and guests of Almaty visit the University Museum. The museum plays an important role in the comprehensive education of schoolchildren and students. Applicants and students enrolled in the University will be able to get acquainted with the history of the institution and receive a huge charge of energy through patriotic education.


The museum has four thematic departments. The first shows the general history of our University. The second part presents creative works on the history of applied art of the Kazakh people. Students of the Institute of Arts, Culture and Sports constantly replenish this department with felt, wood, metal and bone works. The third section presents graphic and linear works, engravings and models of house-building, color graphics. The fourth collection contains creative works in painting in oil painting, sculptures, as well as photographs and pictorial images of the authors of these works.


Students of 1-4 courses of the Institute of Arts, Culture and Sport during the training arrange their creative exhibitions here. The teachers of the institute help in the organization of expositions and make a great contribution to the formation of a deep understanding of modern and traditional views of art by students. One should not underestimate the great contribution that the University`s museum makes to the educational process, in particular, to the education of the young generation of hard work.



State and public figures who contributed to the foundation of the university

I hall of the University Museum

II hall of the University Museum

III hall of the University Museum

IV Hall of the University Museum



The first section presents a brief history of our university.

The second section illustrates creative works from the history of crafts and of the Kazakh people.

The third section presents graphic, linear graphics, architectural layouts and color graphics.

The fourth section presents oil painting and sculptural works.