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 Abdigapbarova Ulzharkyn Muslimovna
Director of the Department of Science
Doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor
Kazybek Bi str., 30, office 209
 +7(727) 291-65-29,


Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University is the first higher education institution in the country`s history, which for 95 years has been proudly fulfilling its mission of preparing qualified future teachers. In 2023, the university entered the list of the top 5 universities in the QS World Ranking Central Asia and was recognized as the best pedagogical university in Central Asia. The priority scientific research areas for faculty, staff, and young researchers include pedagogy and education, aligned with the approved policies and goals in the field of quality education: national upbringing and psycho-pedagogical education; digitization of education, inclusive education, innovative teaching methods, including in multilingual education, training in Latin script, and other directions of pedagogical science.


The Department of Science at Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University is a structural unit of the university responsible for overseeing and coordinating research activities across all departments. Its goal is to enhance the effectiveness of scientific and innovative activities, ensuring the fullest utilization and development of the scientific potential and material-technical base for research.

The functions of the Department include:

Organizing and implementing the state policy in the field of science within the university.
Ensuring comprehensive development of research and development activities in line with global scientific achievements.
Monitoring and coordinating the scientific activities of departments, institutes, research institutes, centers, and laboratories.
Organizing and overseeing the improvement of the quality of scientific publications by university staff and researchers (in journals with impact factors, in rating journals, etc.).
Organizing and overseeing the acquisition of protective documents for the results of scientific research conducted by university staff and researchers.
Coordinating and monitoring the implementation of research and development plans of the university and all its structural units.
Organizing and overseeing the participation of university staff and researchers in competitions for scientific projects of various levels.
Organizing and overseeing the conduct of international and national scientific events approved by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Coordinating and monitoring the activities of student scientific circles.
Organizing and overseeing the participation of graduate students and students in various competitions, Olympiads, scientific conferences, etc.


The Department of Science consists of the following divisions:

1. Office of SRW and Training of Research Personnel;
2. Project Office;
3. Centre for Scientometrics and Scientific Publications;
4. Office of commercialisation of the results of scientific and scientific-technical activities
5. Scientific and Innovation Park «Abai LABS», which includes 9 scientific laboratories and a STEM park


These departments carry out their work based on respective regulations and job descriptions, work plans, reports, the forms of which are provided by the quality management system. The annual research report is presented at the Academic Council.


In addition, Scientific Advisory Council, a Research Ethics Council,  Young Scientists Council and 16 Dissertation Councils are operates at Abai University.