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 Lysenko Viktor Stepanovich
Head of the Laboratory of Innovations and Nanotechnology
Candidate of technical sciences
Tole bi str., 86, office 102
 +7(727)272-68-18, 8-777-362-59-10


The Laboratory of Innovative Technologies was organized at the end of 2009 and renamed the Laboratory of Innovation and Nanotechnology in 2016. It is a structural branch of the Scientific and Innovation Park "Abai LABS".


The purpose of the laboratory is to solve actual fundamental and applied problems of using renewable energy sources, energy conservation and alternative energy sources, to carry out research and development work and commercialization of research developments, as well as educational work in the field of nanotechnology and nanosystem sciences.


The laboratory staff, at the expense of a grant from the World Bank, implemented a project for the commercialization of integrated hydraulic stations and organized their commercial production on the basis of machine-building plants in Almaty.


The scientific work "Integrated technologies for hydraulic power plants" became the silver medalist of the first World Science Championship in Dubai (August 2023).

The First World Science Championship in Dubai was attended by 1236 participants from 69 countries. The works were sold in 38 branches of science. 360 scientists received awards. There were more than 30 Nobel laureates among the judges


In the team competition by country: 1st place - China, 2nd place - USA, 3rd place - UAE, 4th place - India, 5th place - France. The Kazakhstan team took the 14th place.