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International Cooperation

    International cooperation of the Сhair of Oriental Philology and translation is carried out in the main areas: establishing and intensifying relations with foreign universities, working directly with embassies, cooperation with various international funds and centers, the interchange of faculty and students, participation and organization of international conferences.

    The key to the activities of the chair is cooperation with foreign universities. The most important partners in this regard are the universities of the People`s Republic of China: Hanshan Pedagogical University, Taiwan Pedagogical University, Lanzhou University, Central China University, Ili Pedagogical University, Hubei University of Technology, Hubei Pedagogical University, Wuhan University, Beijing University of Language Culture, Hynani University, Zhansui Pedagogical University. Universities of Arab countries: Saudi University - Saudi Arabia, AinShams University Egypt, Cairo University. University of Iran: Daneshgah Tahran University, University of Turkey: Erzincan University of Erzincan. The university has a center for the development of Chinese at the Ili Pedagogical University of Kulzha (China), and a center for the development of the Turkish language at Erzincan University (Turkey).

    With the active support of colleagues, chair promotes international student and faculty exchange. The students of the eastern department annually undergo language training in the countries of the studied languages (China, Turkey, Iran), participate in competitions, pass language tests in foreign universities and embassies of foreign countries.

    4th year students of Saytzhan Arailym, Arepova Aқsulu, Bakbergenova Asem, Torekhanova Abila, Burabay Kamshat, Zhuman Symbat, Yerkinbek Saya, Kuanyshpekova Altynay, Begzhan Saule, Uzbenova Aisulu are trained on a grant in China Iliy Pedagogical University. Also Altynkhanova Madina, Serikkhankyzy Saltanat, Dikanbai Symbat, Salmekeeva Akerke study at Erzincan University in Turkey.

    Сhair of Oriental Philology and translation performs the full range of organizational and technical measures to establish and develop external relations and cooperation with foreign partners.

    Сhair of Oriental Philology and translation improves educational and methodological activities through the expansion of international contacts, including in the framework of the Bologna process.

    Сhair of Oriental Philology and translation strengthens the research potential through participation in international conferences, seminars, round tables, publication of joint monographs and collections of scientific articles.

    Сhair of Oriental Philology and translation strengthens the practical orientation of the training of qualified specialists through the establishment of intercollegiate and interpersonal contacts during trips of students and staff abroad and inviting foreign experts.

    It interacts with foreign partners at all stages of the preparation and implementation of projects to improve the language competence of teachers, students and undergraduates.

    Сhair of Oriental Philology and translation informs faculty, students and undergraduates about international programs, scholarships and grants, attracts foreign teachers to give lectures and conduct classes.

    Сhair of Oriental Philology and translation maintains informational links with DAAD in Almaty, the French Alliance, the Goethe-Institut.

    Currently, chair has a strong relationship with foreign partner universities from Turkey, Iran, China, Russia, Germany, France.

    Teachers who have completed advanced training courses, internships:

    - master class in German Goethe Institute;
    - master class in French French Alliance;
    - pedagogical University of Freiburg (Germany);
    - pedagogical internship from the Embassy of France;
    - pedagogical University Dioseseg. Linz (Austria);
    - pedagogical internship in Toulouse (France);
    - pedagogical internship Strasbourg (France).

    Work is underway on the introduction of two-degree educational programs with the possibility of obtaining two diplomas, as well as the intensification of foreign professors from 500 top universities in the world.