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 Nietbaeva Gulmira Bekenovna
Head of department
Phd doctor, associate professor
Tole bi str., 31


The department of professional training for the educational program «Social Sciences (Psychology)» is one of the leading departments of the Abai KazNPU Pedagogy and Psychology Institute, it was created in 1946 at the KazPI named after Abai under Professor I.L.Stychinsky leadership as the first independent psychological department in Kazakhstan.


The field of training specialists in the educational program «Social Sciences (Psychology)» has an excellent history of formation and development. At the beginning of the formation of the department stood such outstanding scientists as H. Dosmukhambetov, Sh. Alzhanov, S. Balaubaev, S. Kozhakhmetov, T. Tazhibaev and others. On the way of development of the department in 1967-1985. an important role was played by the Kazakh scientist-psychologist, professor M. M. Mukanov, who headed this department. In subsequent years, the department was headed by Doctor of Psychological Sciences V.K.Shabelnikov, Zh.I. Namazbaeva, O.S. Sangilbayev, R.B.Karimova, A.K.Satova. Currently, the department of professional training for the educational program «Social Sciences (Psychology)» employs leading qualified specialists, including: 5 doctors of psychological sciences, 8 candidates of psychological sciences, associate professors and 15 experienced masters - senior teachers, as well as 3 honorary workers education of the Republic of Kazakhstan and 1 «Best teacher of the university».


The educational program «Social Sciences (Psychology)» implements the three-stage training system for «Bachelor-Master-Doctoral PhD»: bachelor psychologists in the specialty «6B03105-Psychology: practical psychologists training», masters of social sciences in the specialty «7M031-Psychology», PhD Doctors in the specialty «8D031-Psychology».


The department is an effective training centre for psychologists. The scientific erudition of the teachers, their professional integrity, their outstanding ability to communicate with colleagues and students form the necessary sectoral and cultural environment for the development of young people as competent professionals and holistic individuals. Over the past 10 years, the department has trained and graduated about 1200 highly professional practical psychologists, 100 masters of social sciences for educational organizations, healthcare, law enforcement agencies, penitentiaries, the army, business and other structures of society.


The educational program «Social Sciences (Psychology)» is widely in demand by graduates of schools, colleges and universities. In order to increase the attractiveness of the specialty for applicants and increase the enrollment of students, as well as at the wishes of employers in the 2015-2016 academic year by the decision of the Academic Council of Abai KazNPU, 2 specializations were added in the MEP: «Business Psychology» and «Mediation». The first specialization is aimed at developing professional readiness for activities in human resource management in business and economics, the second specialization «Mediation» is aimed at mastering the students of modern technologies for alternative settlement of various kinds of disputes and conflicts.


According to the educational program «Social Sciences (Psychology)» in the 2020-2021 academic year, 60 state grants were allocated to the department of professional training «6В03105 - Psychology: practical psychologists training» for the full-time department, the number of students reached 102, which indicates that the educational program is one of the most demanded professions in all spheres of modern social life, the profession of a psychologist places great responsibility in the future on the teaching staff of the professional training department.


Students and undergraduates are provided with the opportunity to practice on the objects of professional activity:

- in educational institutions of all kinds and types;

- in sports and creative organizations;

- in healthcare organizations;

- in social services, employment centers;

- in centers for the study of public opinion and political technology;

- at industrial enterprises and business organizations;

- in law enforcement, army and penitentiary institutions.


Students in doctoral studies on the educational program «8D031-Psychology» are provided with a foreign scientific consultant, which expands the possibilities of carrying out scientific research at the level of world standards, as well as using the latest developments in the field of psychological sciences in their scientific research.


The department of professional training for the educational program «Social Sciences (Psychology)» cooperates with the following state institutions as a base of practices: secondary schools No. 67, 19; gymnasium number 35, 27, 94; school-gymnasium № 148, 62, 12; school-gymnasium № 136 named after M. Dulatov, school-lyceum number 33; the boarding school named after I. Nusipbaev, the center of neurology and rehabilitation "Aspasia"; city children`s polyclinic №7, «Children`s Village SOS»; Department of Internal Affairs of the Almaly region; Regional command "Ontustik" National Guard of the Republic of Kazakhstan, part 7552.