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Charity festive event «From heart to heart»

December 3, a charity festive event on the theme «From heart to heart» for people with disabilities was held in the social rehabilitation center «YERZI» in Almaty in the socio-pedagogical and animation directions of the Meirim club, timed to the International Day of the Disabled.

The event was attended by Deputy Director for Educational Work of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology Daulen Idrisov and head of educational programs of preschool, social pedagogy and self-knowledge Ulbosyn Kiyakbayeva and volunteer students of 2-3 courses in the specialty 6B01801 - «Social pedagogy and self-knowledge». 2nd year students Zhuma Nurgul, Murzagalieva Ainur, Dyusenbekova Gulnaz, Enkebayeva Ulzhan under the guidance of Associate Professor Shirinbayeva Gulbakhira, held the festive event. Within the framework of the social and pedagogical activities of volunteer students, trainings were conducted on joining groups for people with disabilities, designed to form a model of familiarization communication between participants.

Value-oriented tasks of the event were organized on the site of creating group creative activities based on didactic educational games based on the fairy tale «Kolobok». The performance of the talented teacher-musician Mustafayev Bekzat, as a cultural and creative therapy, further strengthened the atmosphere of love of the charity evening. It should be noted that Mustafayev Bekzat himself is a disabled person of the first group with disabilities in need of help (and today the Meirim club is fundraising for a kidney transplant in Belarus). In this way, the event, which promotes human values, brought together student volunteers and people with disabilities, who found new friends and a welcoming environment.

At the stage of reflexive analysis, the participants of the event exchanged feelings that they experienced in the process of the possibility of self-realization as a whole. The most active groups received good wishes and were presented with cakes. At the end of the event, in order for volunteer students to acquire skills of positive social interaction in the future, recommendations were unanimously adopted to continue work on social and pedagogical support for people with disabilities.














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