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«Modern education system of the Republic of Kazakhstan»


On 15 February 2019, there was organised two hours lection of Botagul Turgynbaeva on the theme «Modern education system of the Republic of Kazakhstan» for 1st year students of the specialty «5В012300 - Social Pedagogy and Self-Knowledge».

The purpose of the lecture is to familiarize with the development of the modern education system of the Republic of Kazakhstan and to analyze the current problems.

As part of the Year of Youth, university scientists are actively involved in supporting the scientific potential of young people: they meet with students of other specialties, give lectures.

During the lecture, the scientist together with students analyzed work of teacher, as a source of knowledge and skills, gave examples. Work was carried out in groups and several questions were proposed for analysis.

Botagul Turgynbaeva pedagogical skills inspired students, and they also obtained valuable information. Students noted sincere satisfaction and expressed heartfelt wishes.

By the end of the lecture, scientist Botagul Turgynbaeva gave an interview and answered questions that worried the 1st year students about raising children, improving teacher`s work, raising respect and honoring a teacher.











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