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Literary cognitive еvent «Abay`s legacy»


On November 28, 2019, Head of the Department of Preschool Education and Social Pedagogy of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology, Associate Professor Ulbosyn Kyakbaeva together with the 1st year students of the specialty «Preschool education and upbringing» organized and held a literary cognitive еvent «Abay`s legacy».

Director of the Institute of Pedagogy and psychology Berikan Almuhambetov made a welcoming speech at the opening ceremony of the literary cognitive evening telling about the heritage of Abay, wished the participants good luck.

Guests and members of the jury of the literary cognitive еvent «Abay`s legacy», dedicated to the 175 th anniversary of the birth of Abay Kunanbayev, director of the center «Rukhani zhangyru» Borasyn Imanberdiyev, director of the research center «Hakim Abay» Jabal Choinembet, deputy director for research and international relations Bagdat Mazhinov, head of the «career Center» Zhetybai Rakymberdі and faculty of the Department Islamia Halitova and Aksaule Mankesh.

At the literary cognitive evening «Abay`s legacy» students competed in several competitions dedicated to the life and work of Abay.

Stage of competition:
1. The essay «Spiritual lessons of the educational heritage of Abai» (homework)
2. videorecording «Abay tagylymy-an example to a generation» ;
3. expressive reading «Abay readings» ;
4. «Abay`s creativity is the heritage of all people» production;
5. «Kulaktan kirip boydy аlar...» song contest.

In conclusion, the students showed themselves comprehensively adhering to the goal that Abay will always be our national motto, Abay pose, we show Kazakhstan and the Kazakh people around the world. Paying special attention to the work of Abay and using the words of edification showed postonovka from the epic novel «the Way of Abay», reciting poems in three languages, the students once again proved that Abay Kunanbayev is known to the world as a wise thinker and poet.

At the end of the competition, students were awarded prizes, distinguished students were awarded letters of thanks and gifts.

Grand Prix: 1 course, 4th group, specialty «Preschool education and upbringing», adviser Azimbaeva Dariga Kuanovna;
1st place: 1st course, 1st group, specialty «Preschool education and upbringing», adviser Asankhanova Zhanna Zhetkerbaevna;
2nd place: 1st course, 3rd group, specialty «Preschool education and upbringing», adviser Shauenova Meruert Aueskhanovna;
3rd place: 1st course, 2nd group, specialty «Preschool education and upbringing», adviser Abilbakieva Galia Turysbekovna.









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