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 Demeuova Lyazat Nurmakhanovna
Head of the Department for Working with Students
Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor
Kazybek Bi str., 30, 4th floor, room 414


Directions of activity:

- planning, organization and support of the educational process;

- ensuring high-quality organization of the educational process, its monitoring, analysis and implementation of measures to improve the level of training of students;

- coordination of the work of the educational program and other departments to ensure the educational process;

- introduction of documentation and preparation of reporting data on issues related to the educational process;

- accounting of the Institute`s contingent;

- support of the educational process (work with students, master`s, doctorates, preparation of documentation for participation in competitions, for awarding nominal scholarships of various status, work by students under contracts);

- preparation of the results of the examination sessions;

- organization of state certification, summing up. Control of summing up the documentation of the work of the State Examination Commission.


Directions of activity:

- ensuring the development of plans and measures for the organization of educational work;

- coordinates the activities of group mentors;

- conducts an analysis of educational work;

- organizes work on the development of methodological documentation on educational work, on the preparation and conduct of cultural and educational events, carries out systematic control over the quality of the educational process, work of sports sections;

- carries out work to coordinate the development of the process of physical education, sports and health and military-patriotic work, to instill in students the norms of a healthy lifestyle;

- carries out work on the formation of patriotism, citizenship, internationalism, high morality and morality, the development of diverse interests and abilities of students;

- organizes work with students from among orphaned students left without parental care, with disabilities, protects their legitimate rights and interests in accordance with the legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- organizes work on the prevention of offenses among students, organizes work to strengthen the educational and material base;

- coordinates the interaction of representatives of the administration, services and departments of the educational organization that provide the educational process with representatives of the public and law enforcement agencies, parents and parent committees. Presents a report on the results of educational work;

- organizes the passage of the annual medical examination of students, undergraduates and doctoral students.