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751759Commandant of dormitoriesopen
752759Student Lifeopen
753759Choice of educational pathsopen
754757List books a teaching staffopen
755757International organizationsopen
756757The List of Diploma Projectsopen
757757Marketing Departmentopen
758756Scientific clubopen
759755Institute of History and Lawopen
760755Student Lifeopen
761755Student Lifeopen
762753Rector’s messageopen
763751Scientific and Methodological Center of «Ecology and Geography»open
765744Scientific and research activityopen
766743Awards and achievementsopen
767742Staff of the chairopen
768740Student Lifeopen
769739Awards and achievements of the Chairopen
770739Evaluation of educational achievements of studentsopen
771739SQM documentsopen
772738Student Lifeopen
773738Department of Science, Innovation and International Cooperationopen
774736International Cooperationopen
775734Centre for Research and Training in the field ofopen
776734Admission regulationsopen
777731Institute of History and Lawopen
778730About usopen
780727Institute of History and Lawopen
781727Normative documentsopen
782726Scientific publicationsopen
783726Integrated Research and Training Laboratory (IRTL)open
784725Student Lifeopen
786722Student Lifeopen
787722Educational Center for Innovative Technology and the of Toleranceopen
788721Faculties and Institutesopen
790720Admission of applicantsopen
792718International Cooperationopen
793715Student Lifeopen
794713Structure of the Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abaiopen
795713Development strategy of the Chairopen
796713Testing centeropen
797712«Abai media» newspaperopen
798711Department for working with Studentsopen
799709Chair of Criminal Lawopen
800709International Cooperationopen

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