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5511051Life of Chairopen
5531049The List of Diploma Projectsopen
5541043Base of practice in the field of Magistracyopen
5551041Law departmentopen
5561039The List of Diploma Projectsopen
5571038The List of Diploma Projectsopen
5581038Information for studentsopen
5591034The center of KazNPU named after Abai «Rukhani zhangru»open
5601031The list of documents Nostrificationopen
5611031Application form for maintenanceopen
5621030About usopen
5631026The List of Diploma Projectsopen
5651018Student Lifeopen
5661015Division for documentary support and controlopen
5681013Student Lifeopen
5701007Department for the organization of educational workopen
5711005Institute of History and Lawopen
5721005The List of Diploma Projectsopen
5731003Board of Directorsopen
575999Planning and Economic Departmentopen
576998Student Lifeopen
578996Student Lifeopen
579995Career Сenteropen
580995About usopen
581995Government procurement divisionopen
582991Requistion of MES RK for doctoral candidatesopen
583991The List of Diploma Projectsopen
584990Institute of Arts, Culture and Sportsopen
585990Department of Social Workopen
586986Department for Accounting of Material Values and Banking Operationsopen
587985About usopen
589981Policy and aims in the area of quality open
590979Series «Multilingual education and philology of foreign languages»open
591979Teaching staff of the chairopen
592979Settlement Departmentopen
593975Outgoing and Incoming staff exchangeopen
594975Entrance exam resultsopen
595974The List of Diploma Projectsopen
596974News and Eventsopen
598970The List of Diploma Projectsopen
599969Student Lifeopen
600967Educational buildingsopen

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